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Rusty Keeley + Edward Jones

August 30, 2019

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Many problems on the job can be traced back to the miscommunication of expectations. Whether regarding timelines, the targeted audience, check-listed processes, quality defects, or personality conflicts, a simple lack of understanding of the expectation is often at the root of the issue.

Early in my career, I began to realize that the thought processes of others differed fro...

One of the true challenges in life is the realization that we make mistakes and at times fall short of our goals. During these times, we may receive criticism. Most of this criticism is constructive – coming from people who truly want us to succeed. However, sometimes criticism may be given without pure intentions. Regardless of the intent, we can allow criticism to acceler...

As springtime approaches, I’ve been enjoying spending time on my motorcycle. It’s wonderful to feel the wind in my face, the subtle differences in smells and temperatures, and seeing the growing spring vegetation as I ride along the back roads.

Being on my motorcycle reminds me that successful navigation of  curves is an important lesson on how we can be intentional dur...

In today's world, we are all in a constant state of juggling priorities, people, and time. We believe we have all become master multitaskers, being able to simultaneously give a portion of our attention to the current meeting we’re in, a portion to the next item on our to-do list, as well as a portion to the outside distractions of life.

Science tells us that it can take us...

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