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2017 Interns Welcomed as Part of the Keeley Family

By: Grace McMillin

Keeley Interns 2017 Group Photo

This year Keeley Companies has seventeen new interns for their 2017 Internship Program. The young interns bring their enthusiasm and drive with them whether it is in the field or in the office. The interns are spread out across L. Keeley Construction, ADB, and ZeroDay Technology Solutions.

Keeley Companies has its hands full with all of us hard-working interns, but they continue to create ways to keep us young Keeley’ns on our toes. We are trusted to take on projects that challenge us and allow us the opportunity for skill advancement.

Layne Black is an intern who rotates throughout L. Keeley and ADB. When asked about some of his projects Black said, “The most challenging projects I’ve worked with have been in recruiting at ADB. They have given me a ton of responsibility in an area that I am not very familiar with; however, people like Ray Sharma have given me the help and support I need for me to learn new skills and be successful.”

As interns, it is scary going into a project without a full understanding of what we are doing. The community here at Keeley Companies reassures us that we do not need to know everything when entering our internships, we just have to be willing to learn and be open to new ideas.

There is something about Keeley Companies’ charismatic culture and driving work force that keep interns coming back for more. This is Taylor Roberts’ second summer as a paving intern with Keeley Companies. The people and the culture here are a huge reason Roberts wanted to continue interning for Keeley Companies.

Roberts said, “The paving department always made me feel welcome by including me in meetings and projects. They encouraged me to ask questions and contribute to conversations. The welcoming environment and the countless opportunities offered to me make it difficult not to love interning here.”

Even though we are interns, everyone at Keeley Companies assures us that our voices are still heard. The value and respect we receive from the community encourages us to try our best and strive to make a positive impact. Keeley Companies is a place where remarkable things can happen because of all the incredible Keeley’ns who make it up, and we are more than grateful to be a part of the journey.

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