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In Loving Memory of Jan Torrisi-Mokwa

By: Rusty Keeley

STP 2018 Group Photo

Today, every Keeley’n at our 2018 Mid-Year Support Strategic Planning Meeting wore red in honor of Jan Torrisi-Mokwa, our beloved red-lipstick-wearing champion, leader, and mentor. Her leadership was sorely missed, though remembered through tears and story-telling. She was our personal hero dedicating her career to helping leaders and her community. Jan served on the World Pediatric Project Board, supporting the mission of ‘healing children and changing the world’. She also served the Humane Society of Missouri on the Friends Council and Board of Directors. Jan was a Keeley’n at heart. One of our best, brightest, and most passionate leaders. Jan was an inspirational force in the world, spreading kindness, accountability, trust, and grace. Jan began working with the Keeley Companies in 2006. She was the Architect, Teacher, and Facilitator for our scalable Strategic Planning Process. This includes our focus on mission, values, visions, scorecards, leadership development, and our proprietary i404 action planning system. She served as an advisory board member and coach to leaders throughout the Keeley Companies. During her 12-year tenure, our companies grew from a few hundred Keeley’ns to 1000+ strong, all true believers in her mantra: achieve results on purpose. She was a determined force that truly led by example, and we are better people because of her and her incredibleness. We grieve and honor her memory today as we vow to keep her legacy alive. Our prayers go out to Joe and the entire family.

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