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Empowered to Exceed Expectations

By: Rusty Keeley

This year, we rolled out our new customer service philosophy with the intent to empower all Keeley'ns to exceed customer expectations every chance they get. With help from our friends and consulting partners, Buddy Rice and Shep Hyken, we hosted four KeeleyU courses focusing on customer service and creating moments of magic.

Buddy and Shep coached us through their six-step process on what it means to develop a customer service promise. After going through this process, we came up with Empowered to Exceed Expectations, or E3, as our customer service philosophy. This philosophy means that no matter what role you play at Keeley Companies, you are empowered to go above and beyond customer expectations and that we all play vital roles in creating moments of magic in customer service. To recognize those that exceed customer expectations, some companies handed out cards with a hotline number and an email address for Keeley'ns to submit notes of the acts they see. Others call out their Keeley'ns who have received "customer delight" in their quarterly newsletters.

Check out some of the notes we have received about our Keeley'ns!

Russ Telford - ZeroDay Technology Solutions

"I really appreciate your strong work ethics, your willingness to help, and your positive can-do attitude along the way, even when you work until 5 AM in the morning. Several days in a row. Thank you so much for being so great to work with and I'm looking forward to working with you through the rest of the go-lives over the next few months!" - A Trusted Partner

Keith Ruffin - Inspired Solutions

"Mr. Keith Ruffin is fantastic to work with and a behind-the-scenes gem. The yard and warehouse in New Orleans always look fantastic, but Keith is always willing to go above and beyond to help and answer questions. From a supplier’s perspective, Keith makes it easy to coordinate our material arrivals and we greatly appreciate it." - A Trusted Partner

Luke Murphy - L. Keeley Construction

"Luke Murphy has been doing a great job around here with the build-out. He’s done a good job and is always an enjoyable guy to talk to." - A Trusted Partner

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