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Culture Week 2020

By: Rusty Keeley

Earlier this month, from Monday February 10 - Friday, February 14, we celebrated our world-class culture and recognized those that embrace and enhance our cultural pillars. It was an amazing week of fun and, of course, learning!

Monday: KeeleyLife

We kicked off the week by celebrating our newest cultural pillar, KeeleyLife! KeeleyLife is our health and wellness program that promotes the financial, physical, and mental health of all Keeley'ns and their families. We equip our Keeley'ns with the resources necessary to educate themselves and implement healthy habits to help them live their best and healthiest lives.

To kick off KeeleyLife day, our health and wellness coach, Melissa Swank, conducted a cooking class at our Pacific headquarters that educated Keeley'ns on cooking healthy meals without breaking the bank. While teaching cooking skills, Melissa was also able to teach our Keeley'ns how to save money while grocery shopping! After this amazing class, we finished the day with Melissa leading our monthly yoga class at our St. Louis headquarters. This workout session was able to be streamed to Keeley'ns all over the country. It was a challenging and fun way to get in shape!

We can't wait to continue to grow KeeleyLife in 2020 and beyond!

Tuesday: KeeleyU

KeeleyU is our educational and professional development pillar that is dedicated to providing Keeley'ns with tools and resources to further their education and develop their careers, no matter their position. We don't confine KeeleyU to the four walls of an office. We offer instructor-led courses, online courses via our Learning Management System, and KeeleyU Roadshows, which bring KeeleyU to our team members in the field all over the country.

KeeleyU day was focused on our beginnings. The History of the Keeley Companies with Larry and Rusty Keeley was streamed live around the country from our Pacific Training Room. Keeley'ns got to hear from our founder, Larry Keeley, CEO, Rusty Keeley, L. Keeley President, Tom Birkemeier, and ADB President, Chad Johnson, about their journeys at the Keeley Companies and what they are most excited about for the future. This incredible morning allowed Keeley'ns to learn about where we started and how we got to where we are today!

Wednesday: #KeeleyCares

#KeeleyCares is our corporate responsibility pillar. It is a way of life at the Keeley Companies and an incredible way for Keeley'ns to get involved in giving back to their local communities. #KeeleyCares continues to grow and we proudly represent our work on our Wall of Compassion, a wall in our offices that displays the logos of the various charitable organizations we support.

2019 was a record breaking year for #KeeleyCares. Our dedicated Keeley'ns raised over $1.7 million and volunteered over 19,000 hours of their time!

It's so easy to celebrate #KeeleyCares, and during Culture Week, we had the pleasure of hosting Ryan Smith at our St. Louis headquarters to present to Keeley'ns nationwide. Ryan Smith's life was forever changed through the work of World Pediatric Project, and we got to hear about his journey firsthand. It was an eye-opening and emotional evening that showed our Keeley'ns that the work we are doing is truly impacting the lives of others. After Ryan's presentation, many of our charities featured on the Wall of Compassion took the time to visit our office and educate our people about their mission and the work they are doing. We cannot wait to see the bright future that #KeeleyCares has ahead.

Thursday: KeeleyWay

The KeeleyWay is one of our most treasured pillars. The KeeleyWay refers to our Strategic Planning (STP) Process and how it ensures we achieve results on purpose. The STP process was introduced to us by Jan Torrisi-Mokwa and through her work and vision, it has helped shape and make the Keeley Companies what they are today.

What better way to celebrate the KeeleyWay than by recognizing our people that drive our success and results on purpose. Leaders from across the Keeley Companies took the time to recognize our Keeley'ns that made a difference in our company and in our culture in 2019. Each award was presented from an office across the country, and it was streamed nationwide for all Keeley'ns to attend. We are so thankful for the incredible culture our people have created!

Friday: KeeleySafe

KeeleySafe is our world-class safety philosophy. We believe that it is the basic right of all our team members to go home safely at the end of every day. We pride ourselves on our Safety Culture with the universal belief that ZERO unsafe acts is not only possible, but sustainable.

To end Culture Week, we hosted a First Aid/CPR Training session at our Pacific headquarters. First Aid/CPR is so important and can save a life. Then, it was announced that our annual Safety Week will be from April 27 - May 1, concluding with our Safety Fair on May 2. Each day during Safety Week focuses on a different safety topic focused on bringing safety home to our families. The Safety Fair is a fun way to say thank you to our people and their families for embracing safety and taking our philosophy home.

Check out this amazing video to recap the whole week

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