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#KeeleyCares: Pie in the Face for Good Shepherd

By: Mary Sly

As part of our fundraising efforts for our annual #KeeleyCares Dodgeball Tournament benefitting Good Shepherd Children & Family Services, our Keeley’ns were challenged to raise additional funds as part of a friendly competition.

Two teams took their efforts to the next level and organized an afternoon for their fellow Keeley’ns to pie them, as well as voluntary leaders, in the face. The first Pie in the Face Day took place at L. Keeley on February 28. Team R.O.W.F. embraced the pies with smiles and raised an additional $756 for Good Shepherd! The second Pie in the Face Day took place at ADB on March 5. Team Mother Duckers were up this time and their fellow Keeley’ns did not hold back. They were able to raise $780.

It was amazing to see the fun and creative ideas our Keeley’ns came up with to help support this incredible organization.

Read more about our #KeeleyCares Dodgeball Tournament here (link to blog). Learn more about Good Shepherd here.

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