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Spreading Positivity, Not Germs!

By: Rusty Keeley

During these unprecedented and challenging times, we have encouraged our Keeley’ns to share some #KCOPositivity in the form of a challenge! Keeley’ns are invited to Spread Positivity, Not Germs, in five different categories for the chance to win epic Keeley swag bags!

Our incredibly talented videographer, Brandon Rice, decided to spread some positivity in the form of an original rap! Take a look at the video below to hear Brandon’s rhymes about how you can stay #KeeleySafe and see how our Keeley’ns are staying positive during COVID-19.

Thank you to all of our Keeley’ns that have participated! We are going to spotlight some examples below.

E3 Spotlight: Mike Rupinski

Mike Rupinski has been our fearless leader throughout this pandemic. He transitioned from his position as Prersident of ZeroDay Technology Solutions to fully take over our COVID-19 task force during this ever-changing time. Mike has been a rock to many Keeley’ns and continues to deliver the news from around the country and updates as they relate to our Keeleyn’s and their families. His dedication and positivity have not gone unnoticed and we would not be where we are without his incredible leadership. Thank you for all you are doing, Mike!

Culture Spotlight: KeeleyLife Virtual 5k

On April 4th, Melissa Swank, Keeley Companies Health & Wellness Coach, challenged Keeley’ns to get outside and exercise while competing with each other in a virtual 5k! Whether it was in neighborhoods, on hiking paths, or in a park, Keeley’ns from across the companies took part in this fun challenge (while social distancing, of course). Team members were encouraged to rock their best Keeley gear and send in photos of their route and of them and their families getting active. Thank you to all our Keeley’ns who participated!

Creativity Spotlight: Kevin Grzesiowski & Family

Kevin Grzesiowski has been making the best of quarantine by taking advantage of this extra family time! Kevin, his wife, and his two young daughters are loving this spring weather and have been enjoying meals outside, bike rides, and safely helping neighbors. Kevin and his daughters delivered groceries to an elderly neighbor, so he didn’t have to risk exposing himself in the grocery store. Thank you Grzesiowski family for your positivity, bright smiles, and selfless acts of compassion!

Social Distancing Spotlight: Our Dedicated Craftspeople

Keeley Companies is proud to be an essential business providing essential services to customers across the country. Our remarkable team members in the field are going to jobsites every day to keep our projects on track and continue to exceed expectations for our customers. Our crews continue to social distance and take breaks to Stretch & Flex to ensure their health and safety. Thank you to every Keeley’n on our jobsites that are taking safety to the next level without giving up the quality of our work!

Keeley’n Tip: John Regan

John Regan, VP of Learning & Professional Development, provided Keeley’ns with this helpful tip when feeling stuck inside while working from home.

“Having everything you need on your laptop and mobile device allows you to get outside the house, get some fresh air, sunshine, and focus on getting work done!”

Take advantage of these warm, sunny days to take a break, get outside, and clear your mind. It is amazing what some fresh air can do for your physical and mental health!

Thank you to all of our Keeley’ns who continue to Spread Positivity, Not Germs while putting smiles on our faces! We will get through this together and, as always, stay safe!

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