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2023 Culture Week Recap!

Here at Keeley Companies, we PRIDE ourselves on our world-class culture and every year we dedicate an entire week to celebrating this culture while educating our Keeley’ns on how they can get involved in our seven unique pillars:

KeeleyWay | KeeleyU | #KeeleyCares | KeeleyLife | KeeleyOne | KeeleyGreen | KeeleySafe

This year, we celebrated Culture Week from February 19 – 24 with various happenings throughout the week to get Keeley’ns engaged and involved!

Sunday, February 19

We kicked off Culture Week by sending our Keeley’ns the first of our daily eBlasts spotlighting a different pillar. Sunday was all about the KeeleyWay! The KeeleyWay is our strategic process for Achieving Results on Purpose – keeping every Keeley’n accountable to our goals as we continue to work toward our ever-growing vision. The KeeleyWay drives our success and is the reason we have seen such incredible growth year over year. Watch the video below to hear from Rusty Keeley, CEO, as he explains the KeeleyWay process.

Monday, February 20

Keeley’ns walked into decorated offices on Monday to find Culture Week swag and treats on their desks! This day was all about KeeleyU, our world-class professional development program. With a goal to promote continual career growth for all team members through various internal and external learning opportunities, KeeleyU is vital to our growth. As we grow, there is an opportunity to grow people within our organization and provide resources for our Keeley’ns to gain skills to further their careers. Click here to learn more about KeeleyU!

Tuesday, February 21

Tuesday was all about our people! Leadership took the time to visit jobsites across the St. Louis area, bringing our culture to the field. Our craftspeople heard from Larry and Rusty Keeley and spent some time walking them around jobsites, giving them a firsthand view into the work they are putting in day in and day out. It was an amazing day getting to know our craftspeople!

Our team members also got to learn about all things #KeeleyCares. #KeeleyCares is our corporate philanthropic foundation. We work with charities and organizations across the nation that benefit a multitude of causes – we even have our ever-growing Wall of Compassion with 50+ incredible organizations. We support our Keeley’ns as they donate their time, talent, and treasure to serve others. Click here to learn more about #KeeleyCares!

Wednesday, February 22

Wednesday was a big day for culture with a jam-packed agenda of fun and celebration! First, in our weekly Hump Day Happenings eBlast, we launched the brand-new Keeley’n Hub! This Keeley’n Hub will serve as a one-stop-shop for all things Keeley. This new platform was made with our team members in mind, giving them a robust guide to navigating our culture. The Keeley’n Hub is used to register for upcoming opportunities, access our various resources, link to other platforms, and stay up to date on the latest Keeley happenings.

Our Marketing team also traveled to our offices in Phoenix, AZ and New Braunfels, TX to meet with our teams, visit jobsites, and spread our culture across the country! We always love getting to our regional offices to get to know the team members that are bringing the Keeley name to new markets, paving the way for growth.

Later in the day, Keeley’ns learned all about how they can get involved with KeeleyLife, our robust health and wellness program. We pride ourselves on offering programs that enhance our Keeley’ns mental, physical, nutritional, and financial well-being, no matter where they are on their health journey. KeeleyLife helps Keeley’ns become better versions of themselves through instructor-led courses, group coaching, challenges, competitions, events, and more to engage every team member. Click here to learn more about KeeleyLife!

Finally, we ended the day with our Annual Culture Address. Rusty Keeley was joined by our cultural leaders to present 2022 results, ways to get involved, and the vision for the future for each pillar. People tuned in from across the nation! After the address, we celebrated with happy hours in all offices. It was an amazing day!

Thursday, February 23

On Thursday, our team members continued to get out to jobsites and educate our Keeley’ns! This day was also all about KeeleyOne, celebrating Diversity & Inclusion. KeeleyOne focuses on empowering every voice, driving diversity & inclusion while supporting the equity of our people. We want every Keeley’n to have a voice at the table and feel that they belong in the greater Keeley family. KeeleyOne develops and recruits diverse talent while listening, educating, and engaging in conversations for a better tomorrow. Click here to learn more about KeeleyOne!

All offices also took the time on Thursday to participate in a #KeeleyCares opportunity. Our St. Louis office packed hygiene bags for the St. Patrick Center and collected diapers for Crisis Nursery. Our New Braunfels office participated in a food drive for the New Braunfels Food Bank – collecting over 430 non-perishable food items! Finally, our Phoenix office took part in a food drive at St. Mary’s Food Bank, loading up cars with food and necessities. Thank you to everyone who participated. Together we make a difference!

Friday, February 24

To close out Culture Week, our Keeley’ns learned about our last two cultural pillars – KeeleyGreen and KeeleySafe. KeeleyGreen is our holistic approach to our impact on the environment – creating a future that is sustainable for generations to come. Sustainability is defined as being able to do the same thing repeatedly over time. KeeleyGreen’s vision is to improve our world by transforming Keeley’ns, our companies, our projects, and our communities into their most sustainable selves. Click here to learn more about KeeleyGreen!

KeeleySafe is our world-class safety culture. There is nothing more important than returning our team members home safely to their families every single day. Our safety culture built on ZERO empowers every team member to do their part in making sure this can happen. Not only do we have a world-class Safey Program, but we pride ourselves on our safety culture with the universal belief that ZERO unsafe acts are not only possible but sustainable. Safety is personal, and it is our mission to make sure every team member goes home safe to their family every day. Click here to hear from team members on why they choose to be safe!

Finally, we brought back our fan-favorite, virtual BINGO, to Keeley’ns across the nation. We sent out BINGO numbers until we had five lucky winners! We also announced various award and contest winners from throughout the week, with everyone receiving and amazing piece of Keeley swag!

Culture Week 2023 was an incredible success! So many of our Keeley’ns got engaged, signed up for new opportunities, and even became Champions for various pillars. This is what our culture is all about and we are so proud of what our


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