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2024 Construction Safety Week Recap

Here at Keeley, the safety of our people is and always will be our number one priority. With 1,500+ Keeley’ns across the nation, we do everything in our power to send everyone home safely to their loved ones at the end of every day. Our people work in high-risk environments and we love to celebrate our impressive safety culture & accomplishments any chance we get! This year, Construction Safety Week took place from May 6 – May 11 and we took advantage of this week to educate our Keeley’ns, provide safety resources, and host our Annual Safety Fair!


Our safety team believes that at their CORE, their Purpose is Keeping People Safe. This means ZERO unsafe acts, including recordable injuries, preventable motor vehicle accidents, and preventable utility hits. Not only do we believe ZERO is possible, but we know that ZERO is sustainable through our KeeleySafe culture lived out by every single Keeley’n. Click here to view some fun and educational Safety videos on our YouTube channel!


·Collaboration | Collaboration between craftspeople, project members, site supervision, safety team members, and leadership is essential to identifying and mitigating potential hazards.

·Ownership | Safety requires a shared sense of ownership and responsibility among all stakeholders to prioritize safety at every stage of a project. Every team member should be empowered to take ownership in order to ensure safety is top of mind.

·Relationships | Relationships are a key component to any type of success – and safety is no exception. Developing and fostering relationships is crucial for promoting a culture of safety and ensuring that everyone has the tools and resources they need to stay safe.

·Education | With ongoing projects across a variety of groups and services nationwide, providing comprehensive safety education and training to all team members is essential to ensuring people have the knowledge needed to keep themselves and each other safe.


In order to spread our Safety culture to all Keeley’ns, our leaders, Marketing team, and Safety team took the time to travel to jobsites across the nation with breakfast, lunch, and awesome swag. Throughout the week, these dedicated team members visited over a dozen major projects in Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, and Florida, and four properties in St. Louis. That’s over 700 miles driven and 8,500 miles flown to celebrate our safety culture across the nation! On Friday, May 10, Rob Miller, Vice President of Safety, hosted a Safety Luncheon to update our Keeley’ns on our safety efforts, provide constructive feedback, and give gratitude to those who take safety to the next level.


Finally, on Saturday, May 11, we hosted our Annual Safety Fair. This celebration was the perfect way to wrap up Safety Week and allowed our Keeley’ns to show their families and loved ones what it means to be KeeleySafe. With delicious food, fun games & activities, and swag bags for kids, it was the best day with our Keeley’ns!

Every decision we make is driven by safety and we are proud to foster a culture that empowers our Keeley’ns to keep each other safe. Click here to learn more about KeeleySafe and our safety resources. We can’t wait for Safety Week 2025!


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