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A Year of Culture

2022 has been an amazing year full of new Keeley'ns, geographic growth, and new partnerships. We are so proud of all the incredible things our people have accomplished this year. As we head into strategic planning season, we are excited to evaluate our successes and our fail forward moments to make 2023 our best year yet. Thank you for being on this journey with us!

KeeleySafe: THANK YOU!

Safety is always our number one priority and we are grateful to our Keeley'ns who live out KeeleySafe day in and day out. As we continue to grow our teams, it is important that we empower our people to call out unsafe acts, whether they've been with us for 10 days or 10 years. No act is too small as nothing is more important that our people making it home to their loved ones every single day. Thank you to our safety team for your dedication and passion for our people across the nation!

#KeeleyCares: United Way Week

Earlier this year, Edward Jones CEO, Penny Pennington, and our very own Rusty Keeley were named as co-chairs of the United Way of Greater St. Louis’ 100th annual community campaign. Edward Jones and the United Way of Greater St. Louis positively impact our communities every day. We are inspired by the example that they set and are grateful to work with them to continue to bring change and help people live their best possible lives. The United Way of Greater St. Louis proudly serves over 160 agencies and organizations across the region and we are proud to announce that our Keeley’ns, along with the #KeeleyCares Foundation, raised over $150,000 for the 2022 campaign!

To celebrate this incredible organization and everything they do for our St. Louis community, we held our “United Way Week”, bringing awareness to some of the incredible charities the United Way of Greater St. Louis supports while learning more about the goals of the 100th anniversary campaign.

Click here to learn more about this incredible week!

KeeleyOne: Empowering Every Voice

KeeleyOne’s biggest accomplishment in 2022 was expanding the reach and breadth of our specific learnings. KeeleyOne had an ambitious goal of reaching and engaging 75% of our Keeley’ns with KeeleyOne specific learning hours, and we exceeded that goal. Last year, we were proud to launch our INCLUDE sessions and after seeing the enthusiastic response and participation from our Keeley'ns across the nation, we knew we had to bring it back! We rolled out INCLUDE 2.0 and had our partners create video shorts. These shorts allowed field and office team members with challenging schedules to engage with the INCLUDE content at their own pace, no matter their location. We also added other non-INCLUDE LMS courses that gave Keeley’ns more opportunities to celebrate our differences and develop meaningful connections.

VOICE Chats are some of our favorite moments of the year and in 2022 we took them to the next level. With several groundbreaking VOICE Chats under our belt, we are excited to see how Keeley'ns take the information they have learned and turn it into positive change. 2022 topics included Anxiety in the Workplace, Pronouns, understanding what it's like In Someone Else's Shoes, and what it’s like being Spanish speaking in the construction industry. Cheers to more inclusive and supportive conversations!

KeeleyLife: Our Annual Step Challenge

This summer, our fan-favorite Step-Up Challenge was back and better than ever before! This month-long challenge consisted of teams of five Keeley'ns who competed for weekly and grand prizes and, of course, got active and moving in the process! We had 194 team members form 37 teams and compete in our annual Step-Up Challenge. As a group, we took nearly 40,000,000 total steps - nearly 20,000 miles or once around the Earth! We can't wait to continue to improve this challenge and encourage people to form healthy and fun habits as they become the best versions of themselves!

KeeleyU: Maryville Certificate Program Graduates

This year, we launched our first ever Certificate Programs powered by Maryville University. Keeley'ns could apply for three unique, vigorous courses, helping them achieve their personal and professional goals, and our first cohorts have graduated! We had 8 in our Leadership Program, 6 in our Project Management Program, and 6 in our Business Acumen Program. Congratulations to these 20 Keeley'ns and kudos to your for taking your career to the next level!

KeeleyGreen: One Year In

This year KeeleyGreen focused on engaging our culture and our people - from what we are doing well, what we need to work on, and where our opportunities lie. All of these bring incredible and needed changes as we continue to be a pillar of sustainability. KeeleyGreen is proud to have started a conscious and guided conversation within Keeley Companies about our sustainability practices and how we can be more KeeleyGreen across everything we do.

With the help of our amazing Keeley’ns and partnerships with #KeeleyCares, KeeleyLife, and KeeleyU:

  1. Keeley’ns participated in our Commute Challenge

    1. 15 participants walked, biked, or carpooled to work

    2. 550 miles traveled using alternative modes of transportation

  2. Keeley’ns drank 57,722 ounces out of reusable containers, saving the equivalent of 4,810 (8 oz) plastic cups and water bottles.

  3. Keeley’ns donated 78 devices to PCs for People so that our electronics can find new life with those in need.

  4. KeeleyU helped deliver learning sessions on sustainable home sites and greening up our offices.

  5. Keeley’ns planted trees at the Urban League’s HeadStart school in Midtown. We learned proper planting techniques, collaborated with the children at the school, and are helping to maintain what we planted through a tree care plan.


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