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An Exciting New Chapter at Keeley Companies!

It was time for some change here at Keeley Companies and we are so excited for our next chapter! Don't worry, we are still the Keeley you know and love, just with some streamlined branding and new additions to the family! Keep reading to find out more about the next evolution.

Keeley Construction

Don't worry, we are the same Keeley Construction you trust - just with a new name! We are experiencing some amazing growth, and with growth comes positive change. We will still be offering our same services, but will be adding some new ones and entering new markets. We can't wait to continue to serve our customers on an even larger scale! Click here to learn more.

Keeley Properties

To better represent both our Development and Property Management offerings, KDG will now be known as Keeley Properties! Our integrated real estate platform improves communities through the built environment and through our focus on customer services. We are powered by our culture of Investment with Intent as we invest in people and real estate to build relationships and activate communities. Click here to learn more.

Keeley Restoration Services

Keeley Restoration Services is the newest member of the Keeley Companies family! We are so excited to welcome them and get to work. KRS offers a variety of high-quality services to renew deteriorated concrete to its original state. Our team is able to bring life back to buildings and structures, extending their service lifespan, while providing value to our customers and improving the environment. Click here to learn more.


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