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KeeleyOne: 2022 Year in Review

Since its inception in 2019, KeeleyOne has focused on empowering every voice throughout Keeley Companies, driving diversity and inclusion and supporting the equity of our People. We want every Keeley’n to have a voice at the table and feel that they belong in the greater Keeley family. KeeleyOne develops and recruits diverse talent while listening, educating, and engaging in conversations for a better tomorrow. Between the VOICE Chats and engagement with the INCLUDE Trainings, we’ve reached a great deal of our People to help them see their fellow Keeley’ns outside the usual boxes and we have given them the proper tools to forge positive change.

KeeleyOne’s biggest accomplishment in 2022 was expanding the reach and breadth of our specific learnings. KeeleyOne had an ambitious goal of reaching and engaging 75% of our Keeley’ns with KeeleyOne specific learning hours, and we exceeded that goal. Last year, we were proud to launch our INCLUDE sessions and after seeing the enthusiastic response and participation from our Keeley'ns across the nation, we knew we had to bring it back! We rolled out INCLUDE 2.0 and had our partners create video shorts. These shorts allowed field and office team members with challenging schedules to engage with the INCLUDE content at their own pace, no matter their location. We also added other non-INCLUDE LMS courses that gave Keeley’ns more opportunities to celebrate our differences and develop meaningful connections. VOICE Chats are some of our favorite moments of the year and in 2022 we took them to the next level. With several groundbreaking VOICE Chats under our belt, we are excited to see how Keeley'ns take the information they have learned and turn it into positive change. 2022 topics included Anxiety in the Workplace, Pronouns, understanding what it's like In Someone Else's Shoes, and what it’s like being Spanish speaking in the construction industry. Cheers to more inclusive and supportive conversations!

In February, to kick-off Culture Week, and in honor of Black History Month, we welcomed Fred Falker of Chapman and Co. to speak to our Keeley’ns about how to better connect with those around us. His presentation about “seeing the box” showed us that we can’t separate ourselves from our conscious and unconscious biases as human beings as they are a part of who we are. He gave us tactics on how we can change our behavior towards others by recognizing that we are seeing the box rather than seeing the person. This was an engaging, informative session that will help us continue to foster an environment of inclusion at Keeley Companies.

KeeleyOne’s vision for the future is to expand their learning offerings so that all Keeley’ns have access to an engaging toolbox that empowers them to use their voice, see outside the box, and strive for meaningful change. KeeleyOne looks forward to working with other cultural pillars in hosting events, challenges, and celebrations that reach Keeley’ns in both the office and the field across the nation. The KeeleyOne committee wants to build on the success of the VOICE Chats by offering even more in 2023, and perhaps by encouraging jobsites and business groups to have “Mini Voice Chats” so that they can celebrate and learn from the people they interact with the most. KeeleyOne also wants to focus on attending and hosting events that engage the wider community, as well as events focused on recruitment and diversifying our talent pipeline. These relationships will help foster an even stronger culture and bring success for the entire company.

We are so proud of our Keeley’ns for their dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for our people and for our partners. We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store!


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