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KeeleyOne: Making Meaningful Change

Since KeeleyOne was officially launched on August 13, our Diversity and Inclusion Team has been hard at work strategizing and brainstorming the ways in which we can make meaningful and permanent change across Keeley Companies. Ramona McCook, KeeleyOne Leader, has done an amazing job facilitating productive conversations with the team on how everyone can leverage KeeleyOne to implement change for the better, especially by utilizing resources across our other cultural pillars and support groups, such as KeeleyU, #KeeleyCares, HR, Marketing, and Recruitment. The committee is also taking the time to review the results and feedback given by our people through the engagement survey that was sent out earlier this year. These results are going to guide and help develop KeeleyOne into what it will become. KeeleyOne is vital to the success of our company and our people. By creating and remaining accountable to a scorecard and action plans, the innovative and brilliant ideas being discussed will soon become a reality.

KeeleyOne’s number one priority is to empower every voice – empower our Keeley’ns to embrace diversity, and to speak up if they feel unsafe, if they witness something that goes against KeeleyOne’s mission and values, or have ideas for change that could be implemented.

One of the first things that KeeleyOne is introducing is VOICE chats. These chats are confidential conversations with various teams and groups of people across the company. They will address various Diversity and Inclusion topics including, but not limited to, race, the gender gap, the LGBTQ community, disability inclusion, and more. These chats will not only allow people an opportunity to grow and learn but will also provide individuals an opportunity to see these issues from an entirely new perspective.

Brandon Rice, Keeley Companies Videographer and KeeleyOne Committee Member, facilitated the first VOICE chat with a small group of Keeley Companies team members on the topic of language barriers in the workplace. Brandon set the tone early on that this was going to be a comfortable setting with an open line of communication between each participant. To begin, the group discussed challenges faced by team members that struggle with English as a first language as it can lead to miscommunication on the job and increase the amount of time spent on a task. Through this open discussion, and participants sharing their personal experiences when it comes to struggling with English, the group was able to find solutions that our teams can utilize moving forward. Everyone desires to do their job well, so by being patient with those that are learning English and taking the time to learn words in Spanish that are pertinent to the job, we can continue to make everyone feel valued and create a more productive environment.

“Everyone had an experience to share where they were misunderstood and ultimately the group concluded that the key to overcoming the language barrier is understanding that we are all in this together. Everyone wants their job to be successful, so it’s important to work with, and not against, those who may not understand all aspects of English.”

-Brandon Rice

These VOICE chats will be introduced to each group across every company. The structure may vary from group to group, but one thing will remain consistent – every Keeley’n will be able to share their experiences in a safe, judgment-free zone where they feel loved and welcomed.

KeeleyOne is just getting started and the path moving forward is one of communication, listening, and understanding. We are so excited to see the incredible and life-changing things that KeeleyOne will accomplish!

Learn more about KeeleyOne here.


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