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KeeleyOne Spotlight: Mary Sly

KeeleyOne is focused on creating an atmosphere that promotes Diversity & Inclusion. Mary Sly, Vice President of #KeeleyCares and member of the KeeleyOne team, is dedicated to making our community a better place on every level. Her passion for people shines through in everything she does and she strives to create a world where everyone feels that they have equal opportunities, that their voice is heard, and that they are truly valued for who they are.

Mary spearheads our #KeeleyCares efforts, but she knew that she wanted to be a part of the KeeleyOne team to continue to help drive meaningful change. Keeley is experiencing some amazing growth and the team knows that as we continue to grow and operate across the country, the make-up of our team members will continuously change and diversify. These team members bring valuable and individual perspectives which benefit every level of the organization and Mary is dedicated to making sure that we all continue to move forward with open minds, embracing and welcoming diversity across our company and across the nation.

“Inclusiveness and kindness should be fostered and encouraged in all that we do at Keeley. Focusing on diversity in our world is a pathway to true inclusion and acceptance. We should celebrate our differences rather than see them as barriers or problems. Learning about our differences and similarities can shape and shift our perspective, encourage acceptance, and help defeat discriminative beliefs.”

Forming KeeleyOne was much needed for the Keeley culture and the entire team was eager to tackle challenges head-on, learn from each other, and see positive change. While change can be scary, Mary has seen that most Keeley’ns have been open to this increased dedication to Diversity & Inclusion and those that may have been unsure at first are realizing just how important this is and are excited about everything they have experienced thus far. To Mary, it is so important that we listen with open hearts and open minds, treating every Keeley’n, customer, and partner with dignity and respect. However, the biggest and most unexpected challenge that Mary and the team have faced is that hiring more diverse team members has been slower than anticipated. We are in the midst of unique hiring times right now due to many factors, but the team is looking forward to welcoming new Keeley’ns from all walks of life. These lessons and challenges are important to evolving KeeleyOne, so if Mary could give a piece of advice to Keeley’ns as this journey continues, it would be:

“Remain open to change and participate in KeeleyOne learning opportunities and events. Allow yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable, or as our own Safety Ray says, ‘Stay Awkward.’ While having thought and beliefs challenged, we must remember our goal of forming an environment that supports and hears all voices.”

2022 is going to be an exciting year for KeeleyOne and Mary is looking forward to everything the future is going to bring. She is most excited for our new and diverse Keeley’ns to bring their knowledge and skills to the table, enhancing our company and adding to our success. She is also looking forward to the growth as we realize true respect and appreciation for team members with different backgrounds, abilities, personalities, and beliefs.

“Keeley’s palpable culture will grow to be more comprehensive and make us all proud. I am so grateful and excited to be a part of it.”

In addition to the numerous educational opportunities KeeleyOne offers, Mary encourages Keeley’ns to join the #KeeleyCares efforts with the Urban League, St. Patrick Center, Peter and Paul, and other organizations focused on underserved communities. She also recommends the following podcast for wonderfully different and smart takes on what is happening in the world:


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