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KeeleyOne Spotlight: Nicole Kreeger

KeeleyOne is focused on creating an atmosphere that promotes Diversity & Inclusion. Nicole Kreeger, VP of Marketing and member of the KeeleyOne team, has a passion for people and using her strengths to drive meaningful change. Her Diversity & Inclusion journey started many years ago and she knew that by joining the KeeleyOne team, she could share her experiences, learn new things, and be a part of a team that is shining a light on this issue not only at Keeley Companies, but in the world.

Nicole has been passionate about bringing this cultural shift to Keeley Companies since the moment she walked through the door. To her, Diversity & Inclusion is about making sure that everyone feels that their voice is heard, that they are valued, and that they have the same opportunities as everyone else. It is a long process, but she is excited for all the benefits that will come from having a culture that empowers every single voice and makes everyone feel like they have found their home at Keeley.

“It is so important that we create a world for the next generation that not only supports equality, but also supports true equity.”

Joining the KeeleyOne team allowed the team members to take a look at themselves and realize where they needed to step up and challenge their own ways of thinking. This was the biggest thing for Nicole to overcome and realize that it is not someone else’s job to educate us on our blind spots. We all have to take accountability and recognize our own privilege. Once this shift happens and you become open and willing to having those uncomfortable conversations and continuously educate yourself, you become a true advocate for those around you. Good intentions only go so far, so we all have to work together to bridge the gap so every single person feels that they belong. Overcoming these challenges have allowed the team to learn valuable lessons to take with them as they continue to enhance KeeleyOne’s offerings. The most important lesson they learned is that inclusion truly means everyone, and that you need champions and voices in the majority in order to ensure that you capture every voice and opinion across every level of the organization.

“Over-communication is key. Whatever communications we thought were good enough never will be. We always have to get creative with how we communicate to make sure that everyone truly feels what we are preaching and what we believe in. Our work is never done to be certain that people don’t just hear it, they actually feel it and see it within their teams and our organization as a whole.”

Nicole is incredibly grateful that KeeleyOne’s philosophy places a strong focus on listening and understanding. The team isn’t afraid to get awkward about Diversity & Inclusion and they are not afraid to admit that Keeley Companies doesn’t have it figured out. However, as we strive for a better future, Nicole is excited to be able to continue to strive for meaningful results and not just words.

The future is also going to present new opportunities for Keeley’ns to get involved. Nicole encourages everyone to continue to challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone and have a real, meaningful conversation with someone, even if that means getting uncomfortable. In 2022, KeeleyOne will be launching a “Who Do You Know” campaign that will encourage people to open up even more and get vulnerable about Diversity & Inclusion.

“It’s not going to be easy, but our legacy and the future generation deserve the true effort and dedication to making a change.”


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