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KeeleyU: 2022 Year in Review

2022 has been quite a year for KeeleyU! This year we had 350 Keeley’ns who accessed the Maryville LMS, and over 1,000 Keeley’ns who participated in a roadshow across the nation, tuned in to a live instructor-led session, or participated in any type of KeeleyU tracked training outside the LMS. In 2022 Keeley’ns were dedicated to expanding their knowledge, with approximately 3,000 LMS hours, 7,500 live instructor-led training hours, and 325 roadshows were completed! The LMS system continues to enhance the learning process and take internal educational offerings to the next level.

We are proud to share that this year 42 Keeley’ns earned career promotions across Keeley Companies. We also get the honor of celebrating 12 Dale Carnegie graduates this year! Our Keeley’ns are more committed than ever to their professional development.

Every year, The LearningElite Awards program honors the best organizations in learning and development. We are proud to announce that in 2022 Keeley Companies was awarded with the Chief Learning Officer’s LearningElite Award! Chief Learning Officer is a nationwide multimedia publication focused on the importance, benefits, and advancements of a properly trained workforce. The Learning Elite Awards Program was created in 2011 under the watchful guidance of chief learning officers and senior L&D practitioners. Now in its 12th year, the program continues to use best practice in evaluation to rank the top organizations based on their impact, size and industries served. The LearningElite Program also acknowledges individual companies for their efforts in functional areas, including leadership development, use of technology, executive buy-in, and content development and delivery. Keeley Companies is the only contractor globally to qualify and win this award. We are exceptionally proud of all the hard work the KeeleyU team commits to our robust learning management system, this is a well-deserved accomplishment!

This year, KeeleyU has enhanced our partnership with Maryville University by creating three robust certificate programs. These programs consist of college accredited courses that can funnel up to a custom certificate that allows Keeley’ns to continue their education and advance in their careers. This is a world class education opportunity at no cost to Keeley’ns when they apply to scholarships each year. In its inaugural year, we had 21 Keeley’ns participate and graduate from the three programs – 8 for Leadership, 6 for Project Management, and 7 for Business Acumen. The vision for the future of this program is to be able to stack your certificates so they can translate into an MBA. KeeleyU is also actively working with Maryville University to create a “Spanish for English Speakers” course, which will allow for better communication with Keeley’ns nationwide who are Spanish speaking. Finally, KeeleyU and the Human Resources team are pairing up with Maryville to implement AI in our Computer-Animated Manufacturing process. This AI will pull content and create professional development plans created specifically for everyone. The KeeleyU team is working hard to ensure that our Keeley’ns have access to exceptional resources to help drive success.

Looking ahead at 2023, the KeeleyU team will continue to focus on learning & development and career advancement, giving Keeley’ns access to content that gives demonstrable results for the individual person and business group. KeeleyU continues to give Keeley’ns the resources they need to balance what they are currently focused on and what they want to be focusing on in 5-10 years by ensuring that every Keeley’n has the proper tools and support to get there.

2022 has surpassed expectations and we can’t wait to see what our KeeleyU team accomplishes in 2023!


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