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KeeleyU: Resolving Business Issues

Talent development is instrumental in resolving critical business issues. Three instances in which our Learning and Development Team has helped solve or address these issues include: safety, diversity & inclusion throughout our companies, and career advancement of our team members.

Safety: KeeleySafe

The safety of our team members is our number one priority. In partnership with our Safety Team, KeeleyU has created a significant library of educational opportunities and resources for team members to enhance their safety knowledge and apply that knowledge on the job. Our team leverages internal safety leaders and industry experts to teach information that is relevant to our team members. Some classes include job safety assessments, OSHA 10- and 30-hour trainings, trenching & excavation classes, pre-tasking sessions, and external speakers on topics such as human performance improvement. Since the start of these initiatives, we have seen a significant decrease in the number of incidents on jobsites. Several of our operational groups have achieved ZERO safety incidents over the course of the last year.

To learn more about our world-class safety culture, KeeleySafe, click here!

Diversity: KeeleyOne

We consider ourselves to be in the business of people. We realized we did not represent the demographics of the communities in which we serve and could be doing more to promote diversity and inclusion within our company and industries. KeeleyU was called upon to assist in building a curriculum to educate our team members as we strive to create a culture of diversity and inclusion. Through learning sessions and networking, we were able to launch a new cultural pillar, KeeleyOne, that focuses on the well-being of our people by creating an environment that engages in conversations for a better tomorrow and empowers every voice. Our KeeleyU platform is vital to providing team members with a safe space to learn and grow.

To learn more about our diversity and inclusion program, KeeleyOne, click here!

Growing Talent from Within

Growing talent from within our organization is an important part of achieving our vision. To ensure team members have the resources they need to reach the next level of their career, we developed a Career Advancement Matrix (CAM) for positions across our companies. CAMs illustrate the skills necessary for a team member to advance. For example, CAMs outline the career journey from Laborer to Foreman, Supervisor, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Vice President, and beyond. CAMs allow for team members to clearly envision the skills needed to achieve their goals. Once they see the skills needed, KeeleyU then enters the equation to provide resources and opportunities for team members to build those skills. This provides leaders with a detailed path for their teams to better choose and develop learning plans for each team member.

Business issues will arise no matter what, and we are proud of the ways in which KeeleyU has been able to help resolve some of the most pertinent issues in our company. To learn more about KeeleyU, click here!


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