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Safety Week 2020 Recap

By: Safety Ray

This year’s Safety Week looked a little bit different than normal, but we were still able to take time to celebrate our incredible Safety Culture. We never miss a moment to talk about safety on the jobsite, but the goal of our annual Safety Week is to bring our world-class safety culture home to our families. September 8 – September 11 was a week full of (virtual) fun – focusing on a different safety topic each day that is relevant to our Keeley’ns and their families. With saw at every office nationwide and all events hosted virtually, every Keeley’n across the country had the opportunity join in and celebrate. Thank you to everyone who made this week an incredible success!

Tuesday, September 8: Physical Health + Bingo

Our first safety topic for the week was centered around physical health! Now more than ever it is extremely important to prioritize your physical health. Your physical health can impact every aspect of your life, so it is imperative to take time to exercise and take care of your body, even if it is just going on a walk around the neighborhood or making healthier choices. Watch the video below to learn some physical health tips from Safety Ray and Keeley Companies’ Health and Wellness Coach, Melissa Swank.

On Tuesday, we also invited our Keeley’ns to join us for a round of virtual bingo! Keeley’ns around the country could join in on the fun as numbers were pulled and sent out via email every 30 minutes. Hundreds of Keeley’ns joined in to play until we had five lucky winners!

Wednesday, September 9: Safe Driving

Our safety topic for Wednesday focused on one of the most dangerous things we all do every sing day, both at work and at home – driving. Not only do we want to ensure our team members have the knowledge and resources needed to stay safe on the job, but we want to educate our people so they can bring their safe driving tips home to their families. Safety Directors, Rob Miller and Tim Michel, got together to talk about safe driving and provide some important tips for our Keeley’ns and their families. Check out the video below!

Thursday, September 10: Home Safety

Thursday’s safety topic was home safety. Whether you have a full house of children, or it is just you, it is important to make sure your home is KeeleySafe for any situation. Safety Ray took a trip to our VP of Marketing, Nicole Kreeger’s house to share some simple ways to ensure that your home is safe from hazards, especially those hazards and that you are prepared in case an emergency occurs. Watch the video below to learn more!

Friday, September 11: Healthy Hygiene + Jeopardy

For our final day of Safety Week, we focused on healthy hygiene and how forming healthy hygiene habits can keep you safe from illness, specifically COVID-19. Safety Ray sat down with Mike Rupinski, President of ZeroDay Technology Solutions and our COVID-19 Task Force Leader, to discuss some easy and effective to practice healthy hygiene as well as ways to keep your entire family safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the video below to learn more about how you can help stop the spread of COVID-19!

To wrap up Safety Week, Safety Ray channeled his inner Alex Trebek and hosted our first-ever KeeleySafe themed Jeopardy! Rusty Keeley, Tom Birkemeier, Chad Johnson, Mike Rupinski, and Ryan Smith were our contestants and put their safety knowledge to the test and showed their sincere appreciation for the incredible work our team members complete safely every single day. They competed for bragging rights as well as a $1,000 #KeeleyCares donation to a charity of their choice. Keeley’ns tuned in via Geniecast to watch their favorite leaders battle it out and could even vote for who they thought would win. His win didn’t come easy, but in the end, Mike Rupinski came out victorious. Mike’s #KeeleyCares donation will benefit Good Shepherd Children and Family Services. This friendly competition was a fun and educational way to close out safety week and was incredibly informative. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and participated.

We always love safety week and this year was no different. Thank you to everyone who continues to embrace our safety culture at work and at home every single day!


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