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Women in Construction Spotlight: Jill Lauer

By: Claire Sauer

Our world-class safety culture, KeeleySafe, drives everything we do. The safety of our Keeley’ns is our number one priority and nothing we do would be possible without our incredible Risk Management Team. Jill Lauer, Claims Administrator, is a vital part of our Safety Team and a driving force behind continuously enhancing our safety processes and procedures.

Since beginning her journey with Keeley three years ago, Jill has felt like she is on a whirlwind adventure. Through the rapid growth, fast paced environment, and fail forward attitude, she has always felt empowered in her work and has never once doubted that her voice and ideas would be heard by her fellow Safety team members. She has felt this sense of empowerment ever since she walked through the door and has wholeheartedly embraced her work along with the Keeley culture.

“When I applied for this position I didn’t think about the industry I was entering. Once I witnessed Keeley’s values and goals, I know this was where I wanted to be.”

The construction industry may be a male-dominated industry, but Jill doesn’t let that slow her down. When she is at work, rather than seeing herself surrounded mostly by men, she views everyone simply as family. The family culture at Keeley is something special and the main reason that Jill is excited to do what she does every single day. If she could give one piece of advice to women starting out in the construction industry, it would be:

“Remain confident in your abilities and use that confidence along with the empowerment that is given to you to succeed. Always know what the expectation is and do everything you can to exceed that expectation.”

Jill has gained many valuable lessons throughout her career. Two that stand out in her mind are: communication is key and while you can do anything you set your mind to, you can’t do everything. She has learned to not let the setbacks discourage her, but rather use them as a learning opportunity to grow and continue to get better. As for her future, Jill is most excited for the growth opportunities she is given at Keeley Companies. She can’t wait to continue to grow as an individual and as a team because as the companies continue to grow, so will the risk.

Jill, thank you for your dedication to everything related to safety. You are an incredibly valuable asset to this team, and we can’t wait to watch KeeleySafe continue to change the industry!

Learn more about KeeleySafe here.


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