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KeeleyU hosts numerous instructor-led sessions at state-of-the-art training rooms in our St. Louis & Pacific Headquarters. These sessions are available to Keeley'ns across the nation virtually, bringing the classroom experience right to their devices, no matter where they are. These instructor-led courses consist of outside speakers and leaders within our organization sharing their expert knowledge with all Keeley'ns.


Our online Learning Management System, LMS, has hundreds of courses for Keeley'ns to view at their pace and earn education credit. Some videos are designed specifically as LMS content, while other courses available online are recorded videos of instructor-led sessions. This robust system ensures that Keeley'ns, regardless of time and geography, are able to take advantage of the many offerings of KeeleyU.


Roadshows are just that - KeeleyU on the road! We conduct roadshows across the country for team members in the field. These sessions, led by The Professor, members of the Risk Management Team, Senior Leaders, and other Keeley'ns from various groups, cover topics specific to a particular job, leadership development training, cultural initiatives, and ways to get involved. 

  John Regan

  VP of Learning and Professional Development 

"My personal mission is to challenge and equip people to unleash their potential. My passion is building people, launching projects, impacting organizations, and making a difference in the world."

Core Values | LEARN

L ead by Example

E mpower Yourself
A ssess Continuously
R einforce Culture
N ew Perspectives

Under Construction: Stories of the Journey to Success

Hosted by: John Regan | "The Professor"

This KeeleyU podcast shares stories of what makes people a success. Gathered from around the companies, roles, and settings, this podcast shows that there are numerous ways to be a success and will encourage you to keep pushing yourself towards growth.

The partnership between Maryville University and Keeley Companies redefines the relationship between business and higher education. Together, we are committed to the development of our future workforce, dedicated to making a positive impact in underserved communities, and focused on being innovative leaders in our industries.

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