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#KeeleyCares: Summer Clean Sweep

By: Mary Sly

#KeeleyCares is so proud to support Better Family Life through their initiative, Operation Clean Sweep! This summer, on June 29 and July 27 our Keeley'ns came ready to help and were able to assist two amazing St. Louis areas in rehabilitating their communities.

On June 29, 2019, our first Clean Sweep of the year took place in Hamilton Heights at the 1300 block of Belt Avenue. Our goal: clean up this block and demolish 4 dilapidated homes. Along with 50 willing and able Keeley'ns, we enlisted the help of our amazing partners at Fred Weber, McCarthy Construction, and SM Wilson. The enthusiasm and love shown towards this community was so inspiring and we were able to see just how excited the residents were about this small improvement to their community.

Our second Clean Sweep took place on July 27, 2019 in the Baden area of St. Louis City. This community needed help with tearing down run-down homes, removing trees and overgrown brush, and cleaning up unkempt alleyways, sidewalks, and yards. It was a large undertaking, but once again, our Keeley'ns and partners gave of their Saturday to help our community in need. The giving spirit that was shown by everyone was incredibly rewarding and genuine.

Each Clean Sweep gets better and better and we can't wait to continue supporting this amazing cause on September 21 and October 26! For highlights from our July Clean Sweep, check out this video!

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