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Introducing KDG!

Koman Group & Keeley Development Group Merge to Form KDG

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, a new St. Louis powerhouse, KDG, was formed. Born from what originally was Koman Group and Keeley Development Group, two local organizations came together with shared values and vision for the community. Blending Koman's legacy of real estate execution, Keeley's world-class culture and resources, and a joint passion for investment with intent, KDG accelerates growth and opportunity for people, partners, and the region.

Koman Group President Jason Braidwood and Keeley Companies CEO Rusty Keeley describe the merger as a “natural fit.” Koman offers financing and property management expertise bringing a distinguished local reputation to Keeley’s world-class culture and resources. With over $8 billion in development taking place from the Gateway Arch to Forest Park, KDG has been formed at no better time for the city. Together, the Koman and Keeley Brands offer a one-stop-shop, utilizing the development, financing, construction management, and property management components to drive strategic community investment and economic growth initiatives.

"At the Koman Group, we were a collection of investments supported by a legacy property management firm. This allows us to say, we are definitely not going anywhere. We are definitely going to invest, develop and manage, and we're definitely committing to St. Louis," Braidwood said. "We do feel a moral responsibility to do right by St. Louis. Doing well while doing good is a necessity."

The brand new KDG will continue to focus on opportunistic development with goals of working with corporate clients on their comprehensive real estate needs. With Keeley’s construction management resources and both firms’ strong relationships, KDG is excited to develop projects that help cultivate and enhance the communities in which they live and work.

"When I look at St. Louis, we’re as good as I’ve ever seen the city," Keeley said. "If we can take some of those iconic pieces of property, like Cortex or Gateway, and have our own fingerprint on the growth of St. Louis, to me that's exciting."

About Koman Group

Over the last 30 years, Koman has cultivated a legacy of real estate ingenuity. Building upon strategic relationships and a distinctive high-performing portfolio, they have been able to deliver more than $1 billion in real estate initiative within more than 6.5 million square feet of commercial and multifamily residential space. As a fully integrated real estate developer and owner, Koman is capable of financing, developing, and owning new projects via a variety of structures, regardless of scale, managing all aspects of a real estate investment from inception to disposition.

About Keeley Development Group

Keeley Development Group is a partner-centric company that has played a pivotal role in a diverse series of comprehensive development projects across the U.S. Keeley Development Group proudly provides comprehensive pre-construction planning, design, development, construction, and technology solutions that transform neighborhoods within growing communities. Located in St. Louis, the Keeley Development Group team of experts is equipped to help its partners through the entire development process — drawing from its decades of project management experience — to deliver professional, sustainable, and collaborative solutions.

Read the full story here or visit our website for more information.

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