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Keeley Town Road Trip: Keeley Companies

By: Rusty Keeley

Welcome to Keeley Town! Keeley Companies is a family-owned business comprised of six unique companies:

This is the Power of One - your one-stop shop for all things Keeley Companies:

Construction, Infrastructure, Technology, Development, Logistics, and Wireless

Our mission statement drives everything we do and is exemplified by every Keeley'n:

We are a customer-centric partner providing innovative solutions. The safety, well-being, and career growth of our team members are the benchmarks of our success.

Our-world class culture is truly what sets us apart. Through five distinct pillars, we foster a culture of giving back to the community, safety, health & wellness, professional development, and achieving results on purpose.


Our final pillar is KeeleyWay. The Keeley Way is what we use to describe our Strategic Planning (STP) Process. Our leaders hold multiple STP summits throughout the year to determine and discuss goals, pluses & deltas, and opportunities for the future. This process has helped everyone from our leaders all the way down to our workers in the field.

Achieve Results on Purpose

The STP process was introduced to us by Jan Torrisi-Mokwa and through her work and vision, it has helped shape and make the Keeley Companies what they are today.

Read more about Jan and what she means to the Keeley Companies here.


KeeleySafe is our world-class safety philosophy. We believe that it is the basic right of all our team members to go home safely at the end of every day. We pride ourselves on our Safety Culture with the universal belief that ZERO unsafe acts is not only possible, but sustainable.

We take the time to educate our Keeley'ns and their families on how to stay safe in various, everyday situations. Safety Ray encourages us to get awkward for safety and has made the safety of our people our #1 priority.

Check out Safety Ray here.

#KeeleyCares is our corporate social responsibility pillar. It is a way of life here at Keeley Companies and is something that everyone can get involved in. We proudly represent our work on our Wall of Compassion, a wall in our offices that displays the logos of various charitable organizations that we support.

The mission of #KeeleyCares is simple:

To engage and inspire members of the Keeley Family to embrace community involvement by sharing their time, talent, and treasure in volunteer efforts.

Learn more about #KeeleyCares and how you can get involved here.


KeeleyONE is our diversity and inclusion program. Here at Keeley Companies, we are committed to being better leaders of diversity and inclusion and excited to instill a culture that allows team members to be their true selves - creating a better environment for all!

The mission of KeeleyONE is:

KeeleyONE champions a culture of diversity and inclusion supporting the equity of our People. We will recruit and develop diverse talent while listening, educating, and engaging in conversations for a better tomorrow.

Learn more about KeeleyONE here.


#KeeleyLife is our health and wellness pillar. Similar to staying safe, we want all of our Keeley'ns and their families to stay happy and healthy, both physically and mentally. Whether it be healthy eating habits and physical fitness, or mental health awareness, we equip our Keeley'ns with the resources they need to live their best and healthiest life.

We want to make health fun, so we extend various challenges to our Keeley'ns throughout the year. Our first challenge was the step challenge, which encouraged everyone to get up and get active by taking at least 10,000 steps per day. We also participated in a gratitude challenge which allowed our team members to express their appreciation and gratitude for others.

We are so excited to continue to grow and enhance KeeleyLife!


KeeleyU is our education and professional development pillar. We are dedicated to providing Keeley'ns with tools and resources to further their education and develop their careers. We want to invest in their futures and their growth.

The mission of KeeleyU is:

To create an engaging environment that promotes the career growth of every member of the Keeley Companies.

We don't confine KeeleyU to the four walls of an office. We offer instructor-led courses, online courses via our Learning Management System, and KeeleyU Roadshows, which bring KeeleyU to our team members in the field all over the country. All learning tools are also available in Spanish.

Learn more about KeeleyU here.

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