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Keeley Companies Summer Internship Program

By: April Lopinot

Keeley Companies offers an interactive internship experience that empowers interns to gain hands-on experience and fully immerse themselves in the world-class Keeley culture. Interns work alongside proud Keeley'ns including executives, team members, craftspeople, and other interns to apply knowledge learned in the classroom and to develop a better understanding of the industry.

With the goal to create the next generation of Keeley’ns, the internship program across Keeley Companies is truly unlike any other. Implementing our strategic process, KeeleyWay, into the internship program allows our interns to create visions, set goals, and hold themselves and each other accountable. From day one, interns are welcomed into the Keeley Family and are empowered to drive results, thus unleashing their potential.

This summer, Keeley Companies was proud to have thirty-three interns across our seven different brands, supporting and working with team members in a variety of fields. Keeley Companies internship program offers a unique experience that allows interns to dive into the Keeley Culture. Interns are able to attend KeeleyU classes, participate in KeeleyLife Competitions, and even plan and execute their own #KeeleyCares event!

Apart from learning what it takes to be a Keeley’n, interns are able to get real-world experience working alongside team members and apply their skills to projects across Keeley Companies—allowing interns to fully immerse themselves in the Construction, Infrastructure, Technology, Development, Logistics, and Wireless industries. Visiting jobsites, attending strategic planning meetings, and working in offices and in the field across the country, empowers interns to gain experience that teaches them valuable lessons as they begin to embark on new journeys after school. When asked how their summer went as an intern at Keeley Companies, one intern responded:

“In my relatively limited time with Keeley Companies, I have learned that the success of a company depends on more than merely numerical growth, but the people as well. For me, Keeley Companies stands apart from other organizations because they have brought in people who truly care for the wellbeing of others, which is evident in the world-class culture that has been built.”

-Nathan Hilmer, Marketing Intern

The culture of Keeley Companies provides unique opportunities for interns to learn and grow. The ability to get real-world experience while still in school is a valuable asset to have and our internship program offers just that! Whether it is creating visions or working with group leaders to ensure a project is ran smoothly, the interns at Keeley Companies were able to learn the ins and outs of the industry and create a new generation of Keeley’ns!

To learn more about our 2020 interns click here!

With the mission to create lasting relationships and new generation of rock stars, Keeley Companies is proud of all of our talented interns this summer! Thank you, interns, for your passion and commitment to our culture! We look forward to seeing what you accomplish in the future!

Looking to join our incredible family-driven culture? Check back soon to apply for our 2021 Summer Internship Program.

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