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Keeley'n Spotlight: April Lopinot

By: Claire Sauer

Since launching our health and wellness program, KeeleyLife, we have received an incredible response and have witnessed the impact the programs and resources have on our Keeley’ns. When April Lopinot, VP of Human Resources and KeeleyLife Committee Leader, joined the team, she quickly realized her passion for health and well-being. When she saw that L. Keeley paid 100% of the health benefits, she discovered that her real passion lied with the family culture and figuring out how we could keep providing those same benefits as growth continued across the Keeley Companies.

When discussions began regarding bringing a dedicated health and wellness program to the Keeley Companies, April seized the opportunity to help implement and bring this program to life. She dove in headfirst and really wanted to understand how we could provide the tools and resources so that not only our Keeley’ns, but their families as well, could make more educated decisions regarding various aspects of their health and well-being. This is when the four KeeleyLife pillars quickly came to fruition: Nutritional Health, Physical Health, Mental Health, and Financial Health.

“What can we do to set people up for success? Some people either don’t have access or don’t know the right questions to ask. KeeleyLife is here to help you Become a Better You. All of these health and wellness pillars tie together. This program is designed to help your total well-being and help you improve both personally and professionally.”

-April Lopinot

One of KeeleyLife’s main priorities it to ensure everything is easily accessible to Keeley’ns and their families. Through challenges, competitions, events, and education, there are plenty of fun ways for everyone to get involved and take advantage of the life-changing benefits that KeeleyLife has to offer. April’s favorite aspect is the education component. Through KeeleyU sessions, blogs, and monthly eBlasts, the KeeleyLife team is able to effectively provide the materials and tools needed for each pillar. She states,

“It’s not about how Keeley’ns choose to get involved. It’s about ensuring that everyone has the right resources to do so in order to raise awareness and allow them to get involved where and how they want.”

Each KeeleyLife pillar provides something unique and necessary to an individual’s health and wellness journey. When asked what her favorite pillar is, April will tell you:

“The mental and financial pillars are my favorite because traditional programs are focused around physical activity and nutrition. Obviously, these are important, but the biggest ones are the ones we don’t always think about. If you don’t prioritize your mental health, everything else will be affected. You can’t form healthy physical and nutritional habits if you don’t have the right mindset. Hand-in-hand with mental health is financial health. If you are having financial issues, your mental health will be affected. People typically don’t talk about their financial issues because they aren’t comfortable going to someone because they don’t want others to think something is wrong with them. We aim to provide the tools to educate and give our Keeley’ns the confidence to ask those hard questions and improve every aspect of their health and well-being.”

KeeleyLife has been an vital resource to so many people and it has been amazing seeing the idea that was formed two years ago come to life and exceed all expectations. April is excited to continue to be a part of KeeleyLife’s growth and see how the program advances in the next 12 months. Our people are our biggest asset and are truly like family. The ability to reach our team members all over the country has been one of April’s proudest accomplishments since KeeleyLife began.

“All of this will be worth it if we are able to help just one person that we would not have been able to reach otherwise.”

April, thank you for your passion and dedication to our Keeley’ns. We can’t wait to see the groundbreaking things you continue to do with KeeleyLife!

Learn more about KeeleyLife here.

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