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5 Ways to Make Construction Safety a Priority

By: Safety Ray

Making safety a priority is essential in the construction industry and can be a large contributor to your company’s

success. With roughly 150,000 reported construction injuries every year, jobsite safety should take precedent over everything else: cost, productivity, revenue, completion time, etc. Below are five simple ways to make construction safety a priority.

1. Understand the Benefits

Putting safety first can help reduce costs and improve productivity on the jobsite. Accidents lead to cost overruns and project delays, so improved safety measures mean fewer days lost due to accidents and injuries. A strong safety record can also help reduce insurance costs. Understanding the benefits of safety can help companies rationalize making it a priority.

2. Training

Training team members on a variety of safety topics can raise awareness as to why safety is so important. Proper education gives team members the opportunity to learn about procedures while showing that the company is invested in them. Ongoing training helps team members retain information and promote the safety culture!

3. Accountability

Anyone who enters a jobsite is immediately responsible for adhering to all safety rules and regulations. At Keeley Companies, team members are empowered to shut down a jobsite if they feel unsafe in any way, even if it is their first day on the job. Team members should feel this empowerment to ensure everyone goes home safe at the end of every day. This also keeps team members accountable by placing the responsibility of safety in the hands of everyone on the jobsite.

4. Daily Meetings

Communication is key when it comes to ensuring team members’ safety. When on a jobsite, team members can effectively mitigate safety risks by simply talking. From laborers to site supervisors, safety concerns and procedures should be communicated openly and efficiently with every person on the site. Ensuring all safety issues, ideas, and procedures are understood from the top down can help team members avoid risk and reduce injury likelihood.

5. Create a Culture!

Creating a safety culture is the best way to make safety a priority for all team members. Staying #KeeleySafe isn’t just a goal here at Keeley Companies, it is the expectation. The safety, well-being, and career growth of our Keeley’ns are the benchmarks of our success. We firmly believe that if one team member fails to be safe, then we have all failed to be safe. As we work in the construction, infrastructure, technology, wireless, logistics, and development industries, we understand that our team members are presented with risk. In order to mitigate those risks and drive our expectation of ZERO incidents and injuries, we have to take precautions so that every team member goes home to their families at the end of the day.

To learn more about our incredible safety culture, KeeleySafe, click here.


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