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Commitment to People

By: John Regan

KeeleyU’s focus on people is unmatched and has allowed the team to determine success in accomplishing team member performance objectives. It is no secret that growth and success with year-end results would not be possible if it was not for the people doing the work. At the end of the day, it’s the people that matter and as Rusty Keeley says, “If you get the people right, the results will follow.” We must ensure that our people have the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional service to our customers. Our Learning and Development Team is focused on creating a curriculum that is relevant to all team members including craftspeople, support roles, and leaders across Keeley Companies. As we continue to grow, fostering loyal partnerships is what enables us to achieve our vision. Equipping our team members with the knowledge and resources to better perform their jobs is essential to building and maintaining these partnerships.

To help our company prepare for continuous growth, KeeleyU identifies skill gaps by working with Human Resources and Leadership to identify and mitigate gaps between current skills and future needs. Currently, the three most pressing skill gaps we have in our organization are technology skills, people leadership, and process development. We are working to close these skills gaps by partnering with Human Resources to update and create detailed job descriptions, ensuring potential team members receive clear expectations that include specific details regarding the skills that are needed to perform their role. To combat skill gaps in technology, we have developed specialized training by leveraging the knowledge of technology leaders throughout our company to create a curriculum relevant to team members. As for leadership, with rapid growth comes the need to promote quickly. Often times, middle managers may be put into leadership roles before developing the skills necessary to lead people. KeeleyU has developed specialized learning opportunities tailored towards leaders at any level that provide actionable take-aways managers can bring back to their jobs. Growth also creates the need for improved processes. By bringing in leaders from other organizations, team members are able to hear firsthand how other companies are streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

Additionally, KeeleyU is committed to providing opportunities to educate Keeley’ns on the values of hard work by showcasing individuals' success stories. As our company continues to grow, many of our current leaders are shining examples of incredible career growth. For example, Project Managers that began their career journey in the field, support leaders who have built departments from the ground up, and senior leaders who have grown with the company using resources provided through our Learning and Development platform.

Our people are our greatest asset and KeeleyU is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous education to build the future leaders of our company. To learn more about KeeleyU, click here!


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