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Happy Birthday, Rusty!

Dear Friends,

Today I felt compelled to take over our newsroom. Our very humble CEO might jokingly threaten to fire me over this, but he deserves to be celebrated on his Birthday!

Rusty Keeley is the CEO of the Keeley Companies, but more importantly he is a champion of people. He wakes up every day on a mission to make the world a better place through the means he can: giving back to the community, building up the people around him, and creating as many careers for as many people as he can.

Most notable, he takes the time to write a personal Birthday email to every Keeley’n. You read that right. Every day, Rusty sends a personal birthday email or text message to every single one of our 1,638 Keeley’ns nationwide. I’ve been asked countless times, does marketing have something to do with it? We don’t. Does someone type them for him? They do not. Rusty actually types every single Keeley’ns name in every single Birthday email/text he sends 365 days a year.

From all of us Keeley’ns that are constantly in awe of your leadership, compassion, drive, and ability to bring the best out in us all… Happy Birthday, Rusty!


Nicole Kreeger

PS - See below for a few Keeley'n responses I've collected over the years and some birthday wishes to Rusty!


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