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Introducing Keeley Restoration Services!

Keeley Companies is proud to announce that Keeley Restoration Services (KRS) is joining our growing family! Led by Jeff Kelley and Kyle Burns, KRS will continue to help us diversify the services we provide our customers and will support our commitment to expanding our self-perform capabilities both locally and nationally. KRS is fully aligned with Keeley’s mission, values, world-class culture, commitment to ZERO, dedication to exceeding expectation, and focus on achieving results on purpose.

“We could not be more excited to welcome Keeley Restoration Services to our family. Their expertise is going to help us diversify the world-class services we offer our customers. They wholeheartedly share Keeley Companies’ mission, values, culture, commitment to ZERO, dedication to partnerships, and focus towards achieving results on purpose.”

-Rusty Keeley, CEO of Keeley Companies

Keeley Restoration Services is proud to offer a variety of high-quality services to renew deteriorated concrete to its original state. The team prides themselves on bringing life back to buildings and structures, maintaining their lifespan, and reducing the impact on the environment in the process. The team recognizes the importance of people and customers. Through creative repair services and a strategic approach to analyze, budget, and implement a cost-effective program that aligns with customers’ goals, Keeley Restoration Services provides the best value in the industry.

The KRS team brings over five decades of experience to Keeley Companies. Their responsibilities included managing over 1,200 team members, over $240M in revenue, and over 30 locations on an annual basis. They have managed the successful restoration of 1,000+ parking garages, 100M+ SF of traffic coating, and the installation of 500,000+ LF of expansion joints and post tension repairs to 500 garages. The team’s dedication to quality and safety allows them to ensure the execution and completion of safe projects exceed customer expectations.

We are so excited for KRS to begin their journey with Keeley Companies. Click here to learn more about Keeley Restoration and their services.


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