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Introducing KeeleyGreen!

Here at Keeley Companies, we are all about culture. Our people are our most important asset and we want to give them the tools and resources they need to grow, both personally and professionally. We could not be more excited to announce the addition of our SEVENTH cultural pillar, KeeleyGreen! Led by Keeley’ns, Maggie St. Geme and Derek Maschek, KeeleyGreen is our holistic approach to our impact on the environment, creating a future that is sustainable for generations to come.

Maggie and Derek both have a passion for sustainability. In fact, a pillar focused on sustainability was actually Maggie’s idea!

“At Keeley Properties, we use CIRCLE, our creativity and innovation initiative, to foster a culture where our team members share their ideas freely and openly, coming up with innovative solutions for our partners and people. As I was doing research, I found that 40% of our carbon footprint is made up in construction and real estate. This number shocked me and really got me thinking about what we are doing to minimize the impact and what we can do to collectively reduce our carbon footprint.”

-Maggie St. Geme, Vice President of Communications | Keeley Properties

Sustainability is defined as being able to do the same thing repeatedly over time. The world depends on a stable environment and stable ecosystems to continue to thrive. KeeleyGreen’s vision is to improve our world by transforming Keeley’ns, our companies, our projects, and our communities into their most sustainable selves. The way we do that focuses on the triple bottom line – people, planet, and payback. This approach will allow us to touch all aspects of sustainability, even giving us the opportunity to partner with our other cultural pillars, to truly make KeeleyGreen a way of thinking and a way of life.

At Keeley, we are guided by our mission and values in everything that we do, and that is no different for our cultural pillars. When forming KeeleyGreen, one of the first things the team did was develop its mission and values.

Along with these guiding principles, KeeleyGreen also developed GR3EN pillars around which we will build programs and metrics:

This first year of KeeleyGreen is going to be all about exploration. Maggie, Derek, and the KeeleyGreen team are going to put a strong focus on engaging our culture and our people. They will be looking at what we are doing well, what we need to work on, and where our opportunities lie. This will bring a lot of incredible and needed change as we strive to be a pillar of sustainability in the real estate and construction industry.

“This is a journey that we are already on whether you realize it or not. This is going to be conscious attention to the topic, setting ourselves up for some crazy goals and a path forward towards what is going to amount to new levels of success.”

-Derek Maschek, Director of Design | Keeley Construction

We could not be more excited for the sustainability journey that lies ahead! Click here to listen to Maggie and Derek discuss KeeleyGreen, their vision, and their goals with John Regan on his podcast, Under Construction!

Click here to learn more about KeeleyGreen.


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