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Keeley Companies Announces April Lopinot as Chief People Officer

Keeley Companies’ unwavering dedication to their people has led to a strategic merging of teams to increase the effectiveness and efficiencies in serving all Keeley’ns. Keeley Companies is proud to name April Lopinot as Keeley Companies’ first-ever Chief People Officer. As Chief People Officer, April will lead our People Operations Group, creating a strategic platform focused on people, impacting the bottom line, creating more intentional career paths, and ultimately increasing Keeley Companies’ focus on their most important asset: people.

“Our people are Keeley’s greatest asset. You have to attract and retain the best talent, provide them with encouragement, create intentional growth plans, stimulate their entrepreneurial spirit, and show them that they are an integral part of our mission and future.”

-April Lopinot

Under April’s leadership, the People Operations Group will consist of Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, and People Development including – Strategic Planning (KeeleyWay) Learning & Development (KeeleyU), Diversity & Inclusion (KeeleyOne), and Health & Wellness (KeeleyLife). This streamlined department will ensure a smooth, world-class experience for the entire Keeley’n lifecycle, from recruitment through retirement, for Keeley Companies, Keeley Construction Group, Keeley Properties, and Keeley Restoration Services. The team also strategically serves other companies in Keeley’s capital investment portfolio.

April joined Keeley Companies in 2015 when they were just a $75 million company. Since coming onboard, she has built the HR department from the ground-up, creating the foundation and team to support all Keeley’ns in their journey to 20% YOY growth. She has also personally led the formation of their health & wellness program, KeeleyLife. Through April’s accomplishments, she was named an HR Awards Winner by the St. Louis Business Journal in 2020 and received Keeley Companies’ coveted Person of the Year award in 2021.

April has been featured at numerous speaking events for the Construction Forum, LEAP TA, Red Shoe Society STL, Maryville University, and more. She is also a proud board member of the St. Louis TALK organization, Ronald McDonald House, and Southside Early Childhood.


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