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#KeeleyCares Charity Spotlight: Operation Clean Sweep

Keeley Companies is incredibly honored and proud to support Operation Clean Sweep. Run by the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, Clean Sweep is a groundbreaking initiative that serves St. Louis’ most challenged neighborhoods. Construction partners and volunteers from across the region come together to help restore these neighborhoods and bring hope to those that live there. This year, we were honored to participate in three Clean Sweeps! Watch the video below to learn more about the amazing work being done.

Saturday June 12, 2021

During our first Clean Sweep of the year, over 250 corporate and community volunteers joined us at the Urban League HQ’s neighborhood. Our partners and volunteers spent the day clearing and cleaning eight blocks of lots and alleyways, creating a better environment for residents. Twelve homes that were beyond repair were demolished, keeping the neighborhood safe for all. This was a successful day and a great start to our 2021 Clean Sweep efforts.

Saturday September 18, 2021

Our second Clean Sweep took place on September 18, with over 200 volunteers spending their Saturday in the Walnut Park neighborhood. Four blocks of the neighborhood were cleaned and cleared along with the demolition of six structures. Vision Warriors, an organization dedicated to providing housing for homeless veterans, came in and are working to replace the demolished structures with new, updated housing for local veterans. We are so grateful to them and their dedication to Clean Sweep!

Saturday October 16, 2021

Our last Clean Sweep of the year took place in the College Hill neighborhood with over 200 volunteers. Six large, dilapidated homes were demolished while four blocks of the neighborhood were cleaned. Three College Hill homeowners worked with dedicated volunteer crews to work on their overgrown properties, allowing them to feel good about how their homes and surrounding neighborhood looked.

Clean Sweep truly is one of our favorite initiatives every year and we are so proud to support them year after year. We can’t wait for 2022!


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