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KeeleySafe: 2021 In Review

Our people are our most important asset, and their safety is our number one priority. KeeleySafe truly drives every single thing we do, and we work to spread this philosophy to every team member, subcontractor, and customer. 2021 was an incredible year and we are honored to have received the RAVS+ designation through ISNetworld this year. Keeley was nominated for RAVS+ by a trusted partner and in order to attain the designation, we had to prove to the reviewers within ISNetworld that we have an organizational structure that supports our risk management program, our safety culture, and most importantly, supports the risk management program of the contractor that nominated us. 1% of all member contractors within ISNetworld have the RAVS+ designation. When you put that into context of over 60,000 contractors, it’s a pretty amazing accomplishment!

We could not be prouder of our Civil Energy Group as they celebrated three years of ZERO recordables in 2021! This team exemplifies what it means to be KeeleySafe and they are always empowered to do everything they can to keep themselves and their team members safe. These Civil crews self-perform almost every aspect of a project and work under some of the toughest conditions. This is an amazing achievement, and we are so grateful for their commitment to KeeleySafe.

The day has come for our very own celebrity, Safety Ray, to take his well-earned retirement. Safety Ray joined the Keeley family back in 2008 and has been instrumental in bringing KeeleySafe to life and getting our people home safely every single day.

"Our people are the true heart and soul of everything that we do. What's amazing about this company is the fact that our people truly prioritize their safety above all else. They are empowered to make decisions, it is supported by leadership, and I just love the challenges that it brings. We owe our people the opportunity to be whatever they want to be and we will never put anything above our people's safety."

-Ray Boehm

Ray, thank you for your unmatched dedication to safety and strategic planning for the future. You have grown a world-class team of safety experts and we are proud of everything you have accomplished. We will proudly carry on your legacy!

This year, we were so excited to be able to celebrate KeeleySafe with a week full of education and fun. Our annual Safety Week took place from May 3 – May 7 during National Construction Safety Week. Education is a vital part of our mission and during Safety Week, our Risk Management team put on First Aid/CPR trainings in St. Louis and San Antonio along with PPE testing demonstrations across the country. These educational opportunities allowed Keeley’ns to receive their First Aid/CPR certification, ensure they had everything they needed on a jobsite, ask questions, and fully understand just how important PPE is when it comes to preventing injury. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true Keeley Companies celebration without some new swag and delicious food. At all of our offices, we had brand-new Safety Week t-shirts and kids safety swag for our people to take home to their families and throughout the week, each office celebrated with their own breakfast, lunch, and treats! Finally, we wrapped up Safety Week with a special KeeleySafe-themed version of Family Feud. Prior to Safety Week, we sent out a survey to our Keeley’ns to answer safety-related questions. On game day, Team Green and Team blue went head-to-head answering the safety questions, vying for bragging rights and a $1,000 donation to a charity of their choice. We had such an incredible week and we are already looking forward to Safety Week 2022!

We are so proud of everything our Keeley’ns have accomplished this year and we can’t wait to continue to grow and enhance KeeleySafe in the future!


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