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My Keeley Companies Summer Internship Experience

By: Tatiyana Pearson

As I began my internship with Keeley Companies, I felt an immense fear of uncertainty and anxiety. I knew I wanted to hold myself to a high standard and exceed the expectations that were set for me. Reflecting on my summer experience, Keeley Companies has overly exceeded all my expectations. Keeley Companies truly cares about the individual within the role. They work to provide an environment that allows for hard work, support, and growth, while still understanding we are human. From the moment I have started my internship, I have felt empowered to achieve results purposely. Each task that was given within my role reflected the company’s confidence in my abilities. I was given the incredible opportunity to contribute as a Marketing Communications intern, in collaboration with Layne Black, Keeley Companies’ Communications Manager. His work ethic, attention to detail, and constant encouragement allowed me to confidently project manage various projects such as videography, directing, filming, strategic planning, and event coordination. Frequently, my supervisor reached out regarding any questions or concerns throughout the summer to ensure I had a clear and concise understanding of his direction. Layne was extremely resourceful, and his work ethic and compassion is unmatched.

Furthermore, the entire Keeley Companies team has welcomed me with open arms. Each individual within the company, despite their department, knows me by name and addresses me as a valuable asset and member of the team. The internship experience involved different tasks and activities that truly set this company apart from any other. There were often interactive activities and lunches provided for the intern class to bond, service opportunities presented to emphasize the importance of giving back to the community, and fun challenges such as the social media challenge and step challenge to hold the interns accountable to their growth and advancement within the internship.

Moreover, I would like to express the awesome interaction I had with leadership during my time as an intern. Rusty Keeley, CEO of Keeley Companies possesses the characteristics of kindness, compassion, and unmatched leadership. He works to understand everyone by providing a personable yet professional relationship with us all. As an intern, I was concerned I would be overlooked by the CEO of such a prestigious company. However, Rusty eliminated any fear or concern by providing an open door to interact with him on a one-on-one basis. I also was given the opportunity to sit in with leadership during proposal preparation, business collaboration, and was able to provide input regarding how to increase the relationship efforts of current partnerships. Additionally, I was allowed to sit in with Nicole Kreeger, Vice President of Marketing, to discuss my career goals post-graduation and how I plan to impact the Marketing industry with new and innovative ways of thinking. Not only did she serve as a mentor, but she also serves as someone I can count on as I enter future endeavors.

As my internship comes to an end, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the entire Keeley Companies family. Everyone within the company made me feel supported, appreciated, valued, and important. Keeley Companies gave me the confidence I needed to explore different aspects of myself. I learned many great things regarding my career interests and my personal self. The people, culture, and environment represent a perfect place for anyone wanting to get hands-on experience with a game-changing intern experience. Not to mention, Keeley Companies is rapidly growing, providing many career opportunities such as co-ops, returning offers, and full-time employment advancement.

Thank you, Keeley Companies, for providing such a life-changing internship experience. I have developed transferable skills that I will take into my future career path. It has been a pleasure to be a Summer 2021 intern.


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