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Our Unique Keeley'n Culture

Here at Keeley Companies, we believe that if you get the people right, the results will follow. Rusty Keeley, CEO, strives to foster a culture that supports the safety, well-being, and career growth of every single team member. This is our mission, and our people are living it out every day.

Our world-class culture sets us apart and continuously keeps people coming back for more. From the second someone walks in the door, they get a sense of our family-oriented atmosphere and quickly realize that they are becoming a part of something that is bigger than themselves. We PRIDE ourselves on giving Keeley’ns the resources they need to grow in every aspect of their lives, both personally and professionally. Our six unique cultural pillars – KeeleyWay, KeeleySafe, #KeeleyCares, KeeleyOne, KeeleyLife, and KeeleyU – focus on the whole person, from Learning & Development to Health & Wellness. Each pillar brings something different to the table and we are continuously working to enhance our culture and add new initiatives. Click here to learn more about our award-winning culture.


The KeeleyWay is our strategic growth model for Achieving Results on Purpose. The KeeleyWay takes buy-in from all levels of the organization and has resulted in incredible growth across Keeley Companies. This unique process included 5-year visions, 3-year business plans, future organizational charts, annual budgets, and scorecards to drive success. Our i404 action planning process keeps our people accountable, with Keeley’ns creating meaningful action plans to drive our scorecard goals and achieve our vision.

“The culture of the Keeley Companies is defined by an energy and passion for growth, high accountability for results, and genuine care and concert for the individual.”

-Jan Torrisi-Mokwa


The safety of our people in engrained in our mission and is the number one priority at Keeley Companies. KeeleySafe, our world-class safety culture, empowers our team members to do everything they can to get everyone home safely at the end of the day. ZERO is the expectation and we give our people the resources and education necessary to learn new ways to keep their jobsites safe, keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and call out unsafe acts.

We provide regular, hands-on training to our people to ensure they have the knowledge they need to stay safe. OSHA trainings, defensive driving tactics, and CPR certifications are just a few of the many courses we offer. Every training session is also recorded and put on our virtual Learning Management System so team members can access them from wherever they may be across the country. Along with trainings, we provide various resources and fun events for our people to embrace what it means to be KeeleySafe. These include monthly company-wide safety meetings, Safety Ray’s Awkward Moments video series, My Why badges to remind Keeley’ns why they choose to be safe every day, and our annual Safety Week to celebrate our accomplishments and bring safety home to our families.

Finally, we do our best to interact with every team member on every jobsite across the country. COVID-19 made these in-person efforts extremely difficult, but our team knew that we had to come up with an innovative solution to be able to relay our safety initiatives to thousands of team members. This led to the implementation of Virtual Jobsite Visits. This process will take us through the pandemic and beyond, giving us a new level of accessibility to ensure proper safety measures are being taken on every Keeley Companies project. Click here to learn more about Virtual Jobsite Visits.

“Every Keeley’n deserves to go home safe every single day. Safety is personal, and it is my personal mission to make sure every team member goes home safe to their family every day.”

-Ray “Safety Ray” Boehm

#KeeleyCares is our philanthropic foundation, rallying around the tagline that ‘Together We Make a Difference.’ Keeley’ns have the opportunity to give back to organizations in our local communities through their time, talent, and treasure. Wall displays in every office location, affectionately known as the Wall of Compassion, showcase the various charities that we support. We are continuously adding to the Wall and we empower Keeley’ns to work to get new logos added every year! In order to get a logo on the wall, an individual must do three things – get five Keeley’ns actively involved in the organization, raise $1,000 within the year, and complete 40 hours of service. Once these things happen, it is shared with our #KeeleyCares committee and added to the wall. In 2020, we added SEVEN new logos! Once a charity is approved, they will then receive matching funds. The first $1,000 donated will be matched dollar for dollar, and every additional dollar will be matched $0.50 to the dollar.

#KeeleyCares is proud to provide numerous opportunities throughout the year for Keeley’ns and their families to get involved. From blood drives and food distributions to our annual dodgeball tournament and clean sweep initiatives, there is something for everyone! To get people excited about giving back, we offer VTO, or Volunteer Time Off. Two VTO days can be earned through hours given and money donated. 50 hours of approved and $100 personal donation equal one day of VTO. #KeeleyCares is truly at the heart of everything we do and we are so grateful to our people and our partners who continue their incredible support year after year.

“The people that make up Keeley Companies embody everything good and are truly making a difference.”

-Mary Sly


KeeleyOne is our cultural pillar that focuses on Diversity & Inclusion, empowering every voice. With a mission to support the equity of our people and develop & recruit diverse talent while listening, educating, and engaging in conversations for a better tomorrow, we work to make sure everyone feels that their voice is heard and that they can be themselves. We provide Keeley’ns with the tools and resources to get out of their comfort zones and engage in conversations that allow them to get to know others on a deeper level.

INCLUDE Sessions, VOICE Chats, and educational content on our LMS give Keeley’ns the opportunity to hear stories from others across the companies, understand where they may need to improve, and feel empowered to work towards a positive change in our organization and beyond. INCLUDE Sessions are virtual sessions designed for any team member, challenging the thinking around traditional Diversity & Inclusion training. These interactive sessions focus on building awareness and the skills needed to develop relationships that can lead to a more inclusive culture. VOICE Chats are confidential conversations with various teams and groups of people across the companies. These chats address various Diversity & Inclusion topics including, but not limited to, race, gender, the LGBTQ+ community, generational gap, implicit bias, and being a woman in a male-dominated industry. VOICE Chats not only allow our people an opportunity to grow and learn, but also provide individuals with the chance to see these issues from an entirely new perspective.

“My passion comes from my belief that we are all created equal, we all deserve opportunity, and we should all walk through life based upon the principles of the golden rule. My vision is to create true equity at Keeley Companies.”

-Rusty Keeley


KeeleyLife is our robust health and wellness program. KeeleyLife is dedicated to total well-being through mental wellness, nutritional habits, physical fitness, and financial education. We offer guidance, resources, and education through various challenges, events, and wellness content. Our challenges encourage friendly competition across the company through our annual Step Up Competition, sleep challenge to ensure you are getting enough sleep at night, hydration challenge to motive you to drink more water throughout the day, and gratitude challenge giving Keeley’ns the opportunity to take time and thank others for living out our mission and values. These challenges, and more, make it simple and fun to focus on overall health & well-being.

We also offer in-person and virtual events focused on each area of KeeleyLife. These include Facebook Like yoga classes, cooking classes at each of our office locations, and our annual kickball tournament! These are fun ways to get involved and meet people from across the companies while learning something new. Finally, we value the power of education and work hard to give our Keeley’ns access to incredible LMS courses and live virtual and in-person sessions. These can range from planning for retirement to how to live a healthy lifestyle with diabetes. We also offer small group trainings that are personally tailored to help Keeley’ns reach their personal goals, as well as confidential counseling through our EAP. All tools are available through our HR portal and we are grateful to be able to help our people take their health and well-being into their own hands and change their lives for the better.

“Our education and resources offered through KeeleyLife have one single goal – help Keeley’ns improve their overall health and well-being.”

-April Lopinot


KeeleyU is our extensive Learning & Professional Development program. Guided by a mission to create an engaging environment that promotes the career growth of every Keeley’n, KeeleyU offers unmatched educational content and resources to help team members reach their professional goals and grow their career. All Keeley’ns are required to log 40 hours of professional development every year. This can be achieved through KeeleyU offerings or approved outside trainings.

KeeleyU is especially proud of our innovative partnership with Maryville University, redefining the relationship between business and higher education. Together, Maryville and KeeleyU are committed to the development of our future workforce, dedicated to making a positive impact in underserved communities, and focused on being innovative leaders in our industries. Learn more about our Maryville partnership here.

KeeleyU strives to reach Keeley’ns across the nation through various methods including instructor-led sessions, online LMS courses, and roadshows. Our instructor-led courses are held in our state-of-the-art training room at our St. Louis headquarters. These sessions are available to Keeley’ns across the nation virtually, bringing the classroom experience right to their devices, no matter where they are. These instructor-led courses consist of outside speakers and leaders within our organization sharing their expert knowledge. Our online Learning Management System (LMS), powered by Maryville Universtiy, has hundreds of courses for Keeley’ns to view at their pace and earn education credit. Some videos are designed specifically as LMS content, while other courses available online are recorded videos of the instructor-led sessions. This robust system ensures that Keeley’ns, regardless of time and geography, are able to take advantage of the many offerings of KeeleyU. Our LMS is updated regularly and even has many of the videos translated to Spanish. Finally, we want to reach every team member possible so we take KeeleyU on the road! We conduct roadshows across the country for our team members in the field. These sessions, led by The Professor, members of the Risk Management Team, Senior Leaders, and other Keeley’ns from various groups, cover topics specific to a particular job, leadership development training, cultural initiatives, and ways to get involved.

“My personal mission is to challenge and equip people to unleash their potential. My passion is building people, launching projects, impacting organizations, and making a difference in the world.”

-John Regan, “The Professor”


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