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Safety Week 2021

Safety Week is one of our favorite weeks of the year! Celebrating our incredible safety culture with a week full of education, fun, and bringing safety home to our families is always an amazing time. We celebrated our 2021 Safety Week at Keeley Companies from May 3 – May 7 during National Construction Safety Week.

Education is an important aspect of safety here at Keeley Companies and we knew that Safety Week would be the perfect occasion to provide our Keeley’ns with educational opportunities. Our Risk Management team put on First Aid/CPR trainings in our St. Louis and San Antonio offices so team members could learn lifesaving tactics and become certified in First Aid/CPR. Our Safety Team also hosted PPE testing demonstrations to ensure that team members had everything they needed, the opportunity to ask questions, and fully understand just how important PPE is when it comes to protecting them from injury. These demonstrations were also recorded as LMS content to educate Keeley’ns from anywhere at their convenience.

It wouldn’t be a true Keeley Companies celebration without some new swag and delicious food. At all of our offices, we had brand-new Safety Week t-shirts and kids’ safety swag for our people to take home to their families. Throughout the week, our offices across the country celebrated with their own breakfast, lunch, and treats! In St. Louis, we had a food truck at our ADB Headquarters, and our Marketing and Safety Teams took the time to visit our local jobsites and hand out boxes of donuts for our team members in the field. These donut delivers were an opportunity to celebrate Safety Week with our craftspeople on site and thank team members for their commitment and dedication to staying safe every single day.

Finally, we wrapped up Safety Week with a special KeeleySafe-themed version of Family Feud. Last year, our leaders took part in a Safety Week edition of Jeopardy, our first-ever Safety Week gameshow, and this year we kept the competitive spirit alive. Prior to Safety Week, we sent out a survey to our Keeley’ns to answer safety-related questions. On game day, Team Green and Team Blue went head-to-head answering safety questions, vying for bragging rights and a $1,000 donation to a charity of their choice. Team Green came out victorious and 2020’s reigning champion, Mike Rupinski, chose The Covenant House for their donation. You can watch our special edition Family Feud episode below!

We had such an incredible week, and we are already looking forward to next year! Click here to learn more about KeeleySafe.


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