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Women in Construction Spotlight: Nicole Kreeger

Keeley Companies has been growing exponentially, with no sign of slowing down. Our incredible people continue to be the reason for this growth. Whether it’s a new project, new market sector, or even a new city, our teams are actively driving our vision forward. However, none of this would be possible without the efforts of our Marketing Group. Nicole Kreeger, Vice President of Marketing, leads these efforts with dedication and an unmatched passion for our companies and our people. She truly embodies what it means to be a Keeley’n.

Nicole joined the Keeley family five years ago, challenged to develop a marketing team from the ground up. That team expanded from just Rusty and Nicole to an eight-member, full-service marketing team serving over ten brands. The growing team handles all internal and external marketing and communications. This includes running all social media platforms, creating & maintaining all websites, developing content & collateral, producing high-end video content, writing and executing all presentations & proposals, bringing world-class events to life, and gaining a reputation for swag that everyone wants to get their hands on!

“I have felt empowered right from the beginning. Rusty gave me such an incredible opportunity to build something from the ground up. He believes in the entrepreneurial spirit and providing people with the resources and tools to bring their vision to life. It was my opportunity to really create something special and he supported me every step of the way.”

When Nicole began her marketing career, she never thought she would be working in the construction industry. Her husband, Aric, works for ADB Companies when she heard the way he talked about Keeley Companies and after meeting Rusty, she knew she wanted to be a part of the Keeley Companies family. Today, she feels so grateful to be in an essential industry surrounded by so many hard-working people. Our essential teams work hard every day to keep our lights on, internet connections strong, and build and enhance our communities for a brighter future. When she started her position at Keeley Companies, it also meant joining a male-dominated industry. While it can be hard at first, Nicole realized that working for a company that is actively trying to better and hear every voice made a real difference. She knows it can be a challenging transition into the industry, so if Nicole could give one piece of advice to young women starting out in the industry, it would be:

“Believe in yourself – you have value to bring to the table. Work hard, be respectful, trust your skills, and find a mentor that actively helps you grow. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to help other women find their voice while being a resource for my peers and fellow leaders.”

Building a department from the ground up is exciting, but it has also brought its challenges and lessons. The most important lesson that Nicole has learned is that as a woman leader, she can be kind yet effective. Her intentions to lift those up around her coupled with her willingness to put in the time has been the recipe to her success. The growth Nicole has experienced over the past five years is also a testament to her dedication to the KeeleyWay. Her future at the Keeley companies knows no bounds.

“I have about ten visions that get me up in the morning. No matter what my role, my vision is to continue to bring up leaders within the Keeley Companies, spreading our mission and values.”

Nicole is so passionate about being a Keeley’n and is so proud of the culture Rusty has created. In the words of Rusty, “We are just getting started”, and Nicole is excited to continue to grow as a company while making a real difference for our people, clients, and the communities Keeley Companies serves across the nation.

Nicole, thank you for your leadership and passion! We are so grateful and lucky to have you leading our companies’ marketing efforts. You have made such an incredible difference already and you truly are just getting started!


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