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11 Ways Keeley Companies is Pivoting During COVID-19

By: Rusty Keeley

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, the safety and well-being of our Keeley’ns remains at the forefront of everything we do and every decision we make. Here are some of the ways that we have been pivoting during COVID-19.

1. A/B Schedule

Back on June 1st, we made the decision, according to city and state guidelines, to begin allowing our Keeley’ns to start working from their office locations. We implemented an A/B schedule so our offices were not at full capacity and our Keeley’ns felt safe. This A/B schedule means that Keeley’ns are working five days in the office and five days at home (Thursday – Wednesday). Keeley’ns are only allowed in the office on their scheduled days. This A/B schedule continues to be in place today.

2. Daily Screenings + Keeley App

When the A/B schedule began, a COVID-19 app was pushed to all Keeley’n cell phones. This app allowed Keeley’ns to complete the screening survey before entering the office. You can also get to this survey by scanning a QR code in each office’s lobby. Along with completing the survey, everyone must take their temperature upon arrival. After completing the survey and gaining approval to enter, a nametag is immediately printed showing that they are approved to be there that day. Everyone is required to wear face coverings everywhere within the office except their personal workspace and all visitors must follow these same guidelines.

3. Social Distancing

With a reduced amount of people in the office, there is ample space between workstations, in common areas, and in conference rooms. We have placed signage around the office both on the floor, indicating where people need to stand in order to remain six feet apart, and on the doors of office and conference rooms notifying Keeley’ns on how many people can safely be in that room. Cleaning supplies have also been placed in each room and office so it can be properly disinfected following the conclusion of a meeting.

4. Virtual Meetings

Along with spreading out the seating within conference rooms, we are encouraging our Keeley’ns to hold virtual meetings when possible. In fact, no in-person meetings with more than 10 people are allowed, and most conference rooms have occupancy limits of just 4-6 people in-person. When we welcomed our 2020 interns at the beginning of the summer, their two-day orientation was held in various conference rooms at both our L. Keeley and ADB offices in St. Louis. This allowed for a large virtual meeting while abiding by social distancing guidelines. While it may have looked different than it has in the past, we are grateful that we were able to welcome these young men and women and provide them with an educational and exciting introduction to the company and their summer internship.

5. Dedicated COVID-19 Website

At the beginning of this pandemic, our COVID-19 task force knew that the most important thing was keeping our Keeley’ns educated and up to date on any local and national changes. Our team built a dedicated internal COVID-19 portal to provide Keeley’ns with resources from the CDC and other health organizations, collateral on how Keeley Companies was adjusting, videos, and updates from each task force meeting. All of these resources live on the site, are able to be downloaded, and are specifically organized so it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Updated every single day, this portal is the best resource for Keeley’ns to use when looking for the most current and up to date information.

6. Weekly All-Hands Calls

Our COVID-19 task force, led by Mike Rupinski, holds weekly all-hands calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays to provide updated information regarding the pandemic, new resources available, and ways that Keeley’ns across the nation are spreading positivity, not germs. These calls are a valuable part of our COVID-19 response plan, but if Keeley’ns can’t join the call, the slides presented and a recording of the call are uploaded to our internal COVID-19 portal after the conclusion of each meeting for everyone to access.

7. Spread Positivity, Not Germs

From mid-March until June 1st, all Keeley’ns that were able were working from home. For many of our people, this was the first time working from home and it was definitely an adjustment period for not only Keeley’ns, but for everyone across the country. We knew that this adjustment was going to be difficult for people, so our Marketing Team put together a fun challenge to keep Keeley’ns engaged. Keeley’ns were invited to Spread Positivity, Not Germs, in five different categories and submit photos from each category in order to win amazing swag and prizes. Our talented videographer, Brandon Rice, even created an original rap. Click here to read more about the challenge and watch Brandon’s music video below to see how our Keeley’ns spread positivity, not germs!

8. KeeleySafe: Safety Ray + Awkward Disruptions

Safety Ray is known for his dedication to safety and his Awkward Moments, but, as with everyone, COVID-19 forced changes that allowed for new opportunities. Safety Ray pivoted from his monthly Awkward Moments to a new series of “Awkward Disruptions”. These videos provide important information and tips on how to keep Keeley’ns and their families safe and healthy during this pandemic. You can check out the Awkward Disruptions here.

9. KeeleyLife: Focus on Physical and Mental Health

KeeleyLife, our health and wellness program, is dedicated to providing resources and tools to our Keeley’ns to educate them and help them improve their overall health – physical, nutritional, mental, and financial. During this pandemic, our health and wellness coach, Melissa Swank, has begun teaching virtual yoga classes on our Keeley Companies Facebook page. Held twice a month, these classes are perfect for everyone, regardless of experience level, and are a great way to relax and de-stress during these very stressful times. Like our Facebook page to be notified and join the class!

April Lopinot, VP of Human Resources and KeeleyLife Committee Leader is passionate about mental health and how it affects every part of our lives. April has set up amazing resources and programs available to our Keeley’ns including an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This EAP assists Keeley’ns and their families with personal and work-related problems that may impact their job performance, health, mental, and emotional well-being. April also speaks with professionals about various health and well-being related topics for our KeeleyLife video series, Mental Health Minutes. She recently welcomed Gina Birkemeier, a licensed professional counselor in St. Louis, Missouri. She helps people heal and grow through a holistic approach. Recognizing the importance of treating the whole person, Gina’s background and education include fitness, nutrition, spirituality, and life coaching in addition to clinical, evidence-based therapies and nutritional interventions for mental health. All editions of these Mental Health Minutes are available to Keeley’ns on the LMS.

We also started a new video series called KeeleyLife Health Hacks. In these videos, Melissa addresses common habits and how you can change them to become a better you! From hand washing and shopping smart at the grocery store to building your immune system to fight illnesses like COVID-19, there is always something new to learn! You can check out the Health Hacks video series here.

10. KeeleyU: Virtual Sessions

Before COVID-19, many Keeley’ns took advantage of our in-person KeeleyU sessions. When it became clear that we could no longer hold in-person sessions for the foreseeable future, our KeeleyU team worked hard to ensure that Keeley’ns would still have access to the classes they were looking forward to, as well as new ones. Every KeeleyU session is now held virtually via Geniecast so every Keeley’n can participate no matter where they are.

An amazing example was on April 21 when Jim Kavanaugh, CEO of World Wide Technology, joined us live from his home in St. Louis. This session in particular is part of our CEO Series. Jim’s session is the first one to be held 100% virtually and it was amazing to see how many Keeley’ns tuned in and how many treated it like an in-person setting by asking questions and providing through Geniecast’s chat feature.

Keeley’ns can view and register for upcoming classes on the LMS. They can also watch any classes they may have missed.

11. #KeeleyCares: Urban League Service Opportunities

The COVID-19 crisis has greatly affected the underserved in our community. The Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis has stepped up to serve and provide assistance for thousands of families in need. #KeeleyCares is blessed to work alongside and support the important work of the Urban League.

Food, toiletries, and safety items are handed out via Drive-Thru Food Distributions to families in need. 3,000+ families are being served each Saturday throughout the summer. #KeeleyCares' funds, equipment, and volunteers are playing an essential role in these endeavors. It is an amazing community effort and we are grateful to be involved! Click here to sign up for the remaining service days.

As always, we are beyond thankful to our COVID-19 Task Force, HR Teams, Safety & Risk Management Team, and our Executive Leaders for staying up to date on this ever-changing pandemic and for keeping our Keeley’ns educated, safe, and healthy.

Thank you to our Keeley’ns for staying engaged and spreading positivity, not germs, during this time. We are grateful to begin our new normal and will adjust requirements as local and national guidelines evolve

Read Keeley Companies full COVID-19 response here.

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