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Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours!

As we wrap up 2021, we are taking time to reflect on everything that has happened this year and how we have progressed towards our vision. Our vision would not be possible without our people and our trusted partners. Thank you for your continued dedication, support, and excitement for the future. Cheers to another great year in 2022!

Click here to learn more about some exciting things that happened this year.

KeeleyWay: Our Team Is Growing

Craftspeople are at the heart of everything we do - the ones truly building our future. Keeley takes PRIDE in being a true builder, with career opportunities in all areas of construction. Skilled craftspeople are in high demand across the construction industry, have high earning potential, and at Keeley, have the opportunity for rapid career growth.

Click here to learn more about our open positions!

KeeleySafe: Farewell to Safety Ray

The day has come for our very own celebrity, Safety Ray, to take his well-earned retirement. Safety Ray joined the Keeley family back in 2008 and has been instrumental in bringing our safety culture, KeeleySafe, to life and getting our people home safety every single day.

"Our people are the true heart and soul of everything that we do. What's amazing about this company is the fact that our people truly prioritize their safety above all else. They are empowered to make decisions, it is supported by leadership, and I just love the challenges it brings. We owe our people the opportunity to be whatever they want to be and we will never put anything above our people's safety."

-Ray Boehm

Ray, thank you for your unmatched dedication to safety and strategic planning for the future. you have grown a world-class team of safety experts and we are proud of everything you have accomplished. We will proudly carry on your legacy.

Click here to learn more about our year dedicated to safety!

#KeeleyCares: Holidays With The Urban League

We have built a strong partnership with The Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis and we are proud to support them during this holiday season. On November 23, we held our first Holiday Food Distribution, providing families in need with a Thanksgiving meal and even a new computer provided by PCs for People! We served over 6,000 families across the St. Louis area, giving them everything they needed for a delicious and happy Thanksgiving. We will be serving at two more Food Distributions, one more before Christmas and one in the New Year to celebrate the incredible work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Click here to learn more about our strong partnership with The Urban League and click here to learn more about #KeeleyCares year of giving!

KeeleyLife: Our First Virtual Health & Wellness Fair

On Wednesday, December 1, KeeleyLife partnered with KeeleyU to host the first annual Virtual Health & Wellness Fair! This half-day speaker series highlighted the various health and wellness benefits offered through KeeleyLife and provided opportunities to learn about each of the four KeeleyLife pillars: mental health, nutrition and heathy eating, physical activity, and financial literacy. The interactive and educational sessions included:

How Financial Literacy Improves Overall Wellness | Dr. Despard

Sweet Swap: Modifying Great Recipes with Great Ingredients | Lexi Linsenman

Using Ergonomics to Promote Physical Health | Greg Bardley

Embracing Change: Get In Your Head | Melissa Swank

Keeley'ns from across the companies and across the nation tuned in to learn healthy habits and work towards becoming the best versions of themselves. We can't wait to continue to enhance and grow this unique KeeleyLife offering!

Click here to learn more about KeeleyLife!

KeeleyOne: Empowering Every Voice

We are incredibly proud to provide our Keeley'ns with the tools and resources they need to foster an environment of Diversity & inclusion. With a passion for education, KeeleyOne works hard to listen, educate, and engage in conversations for a better tomorrow.

INCLUDE Sessions and VOICE Chats give Keeley'ns the opportunity to hear stories from others across the companies, understand where they need to improve, and feel empowered to work towards a positive change in our organization and beyond. INCLUDE Sessions are virtual workshops focused on building awareness and the skills needed to develop relationships that can lead to a more inclusive culture. VOICE Chats are confidential conversations that address various Diversity & Inclusion topics such as race, gender, the LGBTQ+ community, generational gap, and being a woman in a male-dominated industry. These Chats provide participants with the unique and valuable opportunity to see these issues from an entirely new perspective.

Over 1,300 Keeley'ns attended INCLUDE Sessions and over 100 Keeley'ns attended at least one VOICE Chat throughout 2021. We are so proud of the dedication shown to KeeleyOne and the progress we have made to building a culture that empowers every voice and supports the equity of our people.

Click here to learn more about our Diversity & Inclusion efforts in 2021!

A Record-Breaking Year of Learning

Our mission is dedicated to the career growth of every team member and our Keeley'ns are more dedicated to professional development than ever. In 2021, team members completed over 16,000 hours of learning and completed 19,804 courses on our advanced online Learning Management System. We strive to reach every team member across the nation, and these numbers show that our people are excited about learning and unleashing their full potential. 2021 was an incredible year for KeeleyU and we can't wait to see what our people accomplish in 2022!

Click here to learn more about KeeleyU.


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